Who Taught Us?

Who taught us how to hate?
Who taught us to cheer when our so called enemies are killed?
Are we the seeds of terrorism?
Are we the seeds of capitalism?
Are we the seeds of the Bible, Quran, or the Torah?
This cannot be. I would like to believe I’m the seed
Of my Father, of my Mother, but I’m afraid I’m lost
Caught up in a culture of me. Like you but me
The loss of loved ones with no matching tears
Why do we pray when our death beds are made?
Where are we praying to go?
Our selfish attitudes towards our own carbon
Has left us lonely
Phony little critters frittering around
Like blind insects with string being pulled by a being with a heart beat
Whose seeds are we?
Why do we believe our selfish deeds will miraculously disappear?
Who taught us this?

The same thing that taught us this made us slaves.
The Bible, Quran, and the Torah
The media, mass advertisement, and national propaganda
That tells us to hate each other because our shades are different
Because our payers are different
Because our pay is different
We live as if we are the lord’s chosen few
That may be true if that few was chosen to destroy natures greatest creation
The birds, water, life.


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