Who Is the SPUSA?

I joined the Socialist Party USA over a decade ago because I believe that its principles, its structure and its platform build a political foundation that represents the interests of every working person. I joined for the same reasons most working people join and for the same reason people get into politics: I believe that the SPUSA is the best party to represent my interests.

We need to build a party for all the working people of America.

What happened to all the farmers and factory workers we had in our party decades ago? Where are all the immigrants, people of color, and for that matter, where are all the women? What aren’t we doing to reach out to them?

Most working people don’t give a damn about ideological purity, and things like vanguardism and democratic centralism are not high on their list of problems and concerns.  I appreciate a good political debate, but this is not going to swell the ranks of our party.

We, as a party, can’t tell the working class what oppression is or dictate how class struggle should look. It is not our place to define that, nor should it be our focus. We need to be in the trenches with the working class every day and let them know we face the same problems they do, while offering an alternative to capitalist oppression.

Asking questions and listening to concerns is more important and effective than putting a pamphlet in people’s hands. I think we’re doing a good job at this, but we need to do more.

Political apathy and voter turnout are at an all-time low because Americans realize that the politicians from either of the major parties do not represent their interests.

It is not faith in democracy and the constitution that is waning. Americans lack faith in their elected representatives, and for good reason. For every person who can’t find a job, or who works full time and can’t make ends meet, and for the growing majority of Americans that identify themselves as independent voters, I see a potential member. We cannot allow this opportunity to slip through our hands!


Stephanie Cholensky

is currently a national committee member of the SPUSA, and works as a biochemist at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She started off as a YPSL member in 2001 and has been an active member in good standing of the Socialist Party USA, serving on the National Executive Committee of YPSL, the National Committee and National Action Committee of the SPUSA, the Editorial Board of Socialist Women, on the Women’s Commission, and helped charter locals in two states.

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