What You’ll See by Looking From the Left

by AJ Segneri

Since the dawn of the 21st century many people have wondered what our world is going to be like in this new era. Sadly, I wish we could have a do over. The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the start of a horrible federal government administration run by neo-conservatives. It was the break for Democrats to evolve into a center-right party in terms of domestic and foreign policy. Plus, our social institutions still have not handled the issues of racism, sexism, unfair wages, and damages to our natural environment.

Fast forward to the present. Our world is facing huge environmental issues from depleting trees in the rainforest, people of color are still being stopped and frisked by police, and the government is creating policy to the point that if Karl Marx and George Orwell were alive today, they would say we told you so. In my opinion, the view on the Left is the only perspective from which we can gain a critical review of what is going on in our world.

This perspective allows you to step back and observe what is going on. Plus, if you are an activist like me, then you know that by talking with people in their communities and neighbors things are not good. Today, our government is taking away collective bargaining rights, creating Big Brother policies, and designing an education system that is built to ruin schools in low-income areas around the country.

This is a time for everyone to take a look from the Left. To have a critical analysis of what is going on. To understand from those who have told us before that things will not go well if we allow a certain group of people to control government and our communities. I am not just talking about those we have read about, such as Marx and Engels. I am talking about artists, musicians, writers, leftists religious leaders, workers, and students — all people who, throughout the years, have told us to watch out and fight against those who are in control.

Now we are fighting. We fought during the Arab Spring, we fought in Wisconsin and Ohio, we stood up against the XL pipeline issue, we held our ground in Montreal, and now we are fighting in Turkism Square in Turkey. From my vantage point, 2008 was the year we said we need a do over. But we need to keep fighting on issues we believe are unjust. We need to educate people that the two parties in power are not the only who can fight for people. And we need to go into communities at the ground level to beginning the healing process.

My look at the Left maybe frustrating, but I will still keep fighting from the Left in order to make an impact — no matter how small or big those impacts will be.

AJ Segneri is an activist since 1999 he is also the Executive Director for the Foundation for a United Front based in Chicago and Springfield Illinois. He is also a member of the Socialist Party Illinois based in Chicago.


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