What People Been Sayin’ About Michael Brown

People been talkin bout Ferguson
What’s goin dooowwwwnn
People been talkin bout race and cops
And Officer Wilson, who shot “Big Mike” Brown

People called Michael Brown “the gentle giant”
He aint nothing no more
When police shoot you SIX times
All you are is done for

People say Saint Louis been sufferin
From pre civil war type segregation
But we feelin this EVERYWHERE
Mike Brown represents a nation

People gotta know to privilege check
Cause there’s at least two sides here
A person can be oppressed or an oppressor
So let me make one thing clear

I don’t know what it’s like
To be feared for the color of my skin
To be threatened because I look “suspect”
To hear gunshot after gunshot sound my death
Or to get got at the hands of a legitimized criminal
Who will probably go on paid vacation after killin me
I don’t know
I don’t know how it feels
To be the family member of a murdered loved one

Would I grit my teeth in furious anger
Or would sorrow rip my body of its strength
I don’t know
Oh, I don’t know about that
But I do know one thing





and I will not apologize or make excuses for it
for I simply CANNOT concede it

People say it’s 2014
Like that’s supposed to MEAN something
People say it’s INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty
But empty words aint really nothin
And I hear people, they been talkin
Bout the law not meanin nothin

Michael got NO trial NO chance
Now people sayin somethins comin
Time now ta open ya eyes
You best be watchin

— Author wishes to remain anonymous


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