an eye above as below
watching. waiting. measuring.
time and an open suitcase i
neatly fold an arm, a leg
over and under
the other, over, then under-
his hair pokes out! so I push down his head,
tuck in the sides of his clothes,
make him fit.
i can’t find the suitcase key
probably never had it
second-hand drawbacks
slam the top shut
throw it down the stairs
Be cool.

an eye above as so below
two eyes to watch, to wait
to judge
walk slow,
down the stairs.
clean up this mess!
fold him back in
one arm, a leg, over and under,
make it fit
slam this thing shut
sit on the top!
finally it clicks.
the eyes, they can wait, we have things to do
like driving, and dragging and splashing and laughing!
a buck fifty sinks easy inside of a suitcase
the lock wouldn’t lock so i glued that bitch shut

the eyes above and below
i sit and i wait
wonder if i should have used a different suitcase
i kind of liked that one
the original owner has the initials ALL
i like that.
but the lock wouldn’t lock
and the eyes, they will wait
i have things to do


Michelle Mermilioid

has her MA in English and is an active feminist, poet, teacher, mother, and friend.

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