Statement on the Turmoil in Ukraine

“No oppressed group has ever been liberated except by its own organized efforts to overthrow its oppressors. A society based on radical democracy, with power exercised through people’s organizations, requires a socialist transformation from below. People’s organizations cannot be created by legislation, nor can they spring into being only on the eve of a revolution.” SPUSA Statement of Principles

The Socialist Party USA supports democratic revolution from below. We also oppose the hijacking of democratic revolutions by outside forces. Ukraine is now undergoing internal turmoil, and both sides appear indefensible. The Yanukovych regime has served as a puppet of the Russian government of Vladimir Putin, while the opposition forces have been dominated by “right sector” thugs and ultra-nationalists.

The Socialist Party supports democratic socialist forces in their struggle for a democratic Ukraine. We do not deny that this will be a long struggle. After decades of invasion and occupation, Ukraine is divided and dominated by opportunists.

The answer will not come from Russia, nor from the EU or USA but from the Ukrainian people themselves.


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