SPUSA Statement on the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

The mask is off. We have seen behind the curtain. American Imperialism has come home to roost, and it is wearing a badge.

The grand jury decision in the case of Darren Wilson — the officer who shot Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old African American man six times — is another tragically clear indication that the people of the United States are the targets of a brutally racist and oppressive system that has multiple definitions of “justice” dependent on one’s class position. Racism, police brutality, and oppression have received pardons. Again.

The deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin are tragedies, but not isolated incidents. Such deaths have become disturbingly frequent in an era of increasing police militarization, decreased police accountability, and continued racial profiling.

Police departments have reacted with increasing force in response to protests stemming from public outrage caused by the deaths of these men, and many others. Across the country, many police officers have demonstrated their willingness to harm innocent civilians with impunity. These are not mere accidents, but rather the predictable result of aggressive ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ policies that allow police officers to use lethal force with little consequence.

The Socialist Party USA stands in solidarity with the family of Michael Brown. We denounce Jay Nixon and call for his removal from office, and for Darren Wilson to be held accountable for his criminal acts.

We stand by those who have taken to the street to demand justice for these men and all the victims of police brutality and systemic racism. We support non-violent efforts to confront the growing police state in the US and condemn the constant harassment and brutality that communities of color and working-class people face.

The people have received their marching orders. Together, we can and will fight for the changes that deliver equality, peace, and justice for all. Nothing short of universal equality, peace, and justice is acceptable.


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