Open Letter to Massachusetts Bernie Sanders Supporters

From the

Socialist Party Boston Local

May 2016


The 2016 Presidential campaign has been remarkable in bringing back socialism into American political discourse. The United States has historically had a vibrant and deep socialist tradition and politics – but this has been repressed, hidden and censored in education, politics, and American life. Today, Bernie Sanders discusses democratic socialism in his campaign and in news media, and political analysts widely use the word ‘socialist.’ The campaign has mobilized millions of voters, especially young people, looking to an egalitarian alternative to capitalism.

It’s the right time to be a socialist – the ‘S’ word is back in everyday language. We need resistance to capitalism and a movement for social, economic and political justice. Students are shackled by oppressive student loans, while great wealth inequality and loss of full employment affects millions. Control of the political process is in a stranglehold by big money – and working women and men have been exploited and pushed aside. Poverty has increased for millions of Americans.

But what happens if Sanders loses the nomination, and Hillary Clinton wins? What next for us socialists? Beware the ‘graveyard of social movements’: the Democratic Party!

Today you can be part of a movement committed to building the long-term struggle.

Join us in building the socialist movement.

Support the real socialist Presidential candidates — support the Mimi Soltysik – Angela Walker Presidential campaign of the Socialist Party USA!

Join the Socialist party USA!

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