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It is helpful to turn off the corporate humbug machine and pause for some quiet reflection.

In the Middle East, the Zionist military is ghettoizing the Gaza Strip and “mowing the lawn” of noncompliant Arabs. Israel accomplishes this with impunity because of a 60- year complicity of the West in Israel’s colonial expansion and militaristic misadventures. Then there’s the current national breakup of Iraq. This is occurring because, in 2003, Dick Cheney wants to give Saddam Hussein a tidy little sucker punch that would cause the required regime change. During the process, Halliburton would make a killing killing Iraqi civilians. Iraq’s oil resources would be privatized and sold to the highest bidder among Western petroleum companies. Value added is that Iraq is now a sectarian powder keg, threatening the stability of the region.

Don’t forget Libya. Remember when the West engaged in military strikes in order to avoid a civilian slaughter? Well, they struck-and-awed and the French got petroleum Resource Sharing Agreements. Not surprisingly, the value thus secured was immediately lost to anti-government militias who took control of ports and sold petroleum on the open market. This was “accumulation by dispossession” on a national and sectarian scale. Muammar Gaddafi’s military weaponry poured into the hands of radicalized adolescents and of course, there followed the storied civilian slaughter, an embarrassing attack on an American diplomatic mission and political chaos.

Over vast areas of the Middle East, Neo-colonial borders drawn after WWI are being ripped to tatters. This is a direct result of over a century of Western meddling, and the corruption of approved sectarian autocrats, who continue to be force fed to largely defenseless populations by the CIA and the US “Defense” Department. Egypt’s latest authoritarian government is there because the US continues to fund military juntas that enable America’s regional hegemony and absorb its military-industrial overcapacity.

Now we are confronted with children’s toys, shoes, cell phones and bodies in the fields of Grabovo. A civilian airliner is shot down in the Ukraine, because the EMF rejected an offer from Putin for trilateral talks intended to fully globalize the Ukrainian economy, while attending to each party’s oligarchic designs. Recklessly, the EMF forced an “either-or” decision on joining the EU, and its workers and economy subjected to the associated Structural Adjustment Programs. As expected, political conflict became largely engaged in nationalistic terms, allowing fascists to gain a voice and a burgeoning Ukrainian oligarchy to take control. From whence, cultural and historical forces now rip the Ukraine asunder.

In the Western Hemisphere, thousands of children are desperately fleeing across the US border from violence and poverty in Central America. This is because the US routinely installs corrupt and violent regimes that primarily serve Western corporate interests. In Honduras, the government employed military kill squads trained at the School of the Americas to dispossess the Rio Blanco Indigenous peoples of their land rights. In El Salvador, the US government withholds desperately needed civilian aid because the El Salvadoran government bans a chemical that is used by Monsanto in GMO herbicides. The folly of America’s “War on Drugs” includes kill squads in Honduras that expedite the murder of murderous drug traffickers, while thoroughly militarizing the public commons. The 2011 Global Commission on Drug Policies indicated that militarized antidrug enforcement throughout the region significantly increases the number of violent crimes.

Perhaps the hens are now fully coming home to roost. The prestige of the US in the eyes of the world is plummeting. Most countries view correctly America’s foreign policy as militaristically imperial, arrogant, bigoted and driven by oligarchic interests. A recent poll conducted by the Worldwide Independent Network and Gallup (2013) indicated that the US is considered the greatest threat to world peace.

Socialists understand that the misleading “analyses” of corporate “journalists” represent a delectably spiced stew of propaganda. They see past the humbug, and view events within a larger context of class relations, the material conditions of capitalist production and the global finance monopoly. The prism of the socialist critique exposes the common and malicious thread of global capital. It is the defeat of capitalism that motivates socialist worker’s solidarity and political activities. Socialists disagree on interpretation and strategy, but are united in the target of their efforts. The Principles of the SPUSA crystalize the socialist perspective:

The United States is the sole remaining global superpower. The U.S. government uses its overwhelming military power to consolidate its strategic hold over the entire world and to defend and advance the interests of U.S. owned corporations as they exploit the working people and natural resources of the entire planet. We stand in total opposition to U.S. imperialism and the current “war on terror” which is just another subterfuge for U.S. imperialism.”




J. Richard Marra

lives in Connecticut. He received his Doctoral degree from Cornell University in 1977, majoring in Musical Composition and the History of Music Theory. While on the Faculty of the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, he completed graduate work at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in the Philosophy of Science. He is a member of the Socialist Party USA, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Philosophy of Science Association. His articles have also appeared on the websites of the Secular Buddhist Association and The Hampton Institute. He is a 2014 recipient of the SPUSA's Eugene V. Debs Award. To read other essays by J. Richard Marra, please visit https://sites.google.com/site/thoughtsandthingsjrichardmarra/.

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