The SPUSA Climate March Contingent Report

The Socialist Party had a great contingent at the Peoples Climate March in NYC on Sunday. The event was the main US action, mainly because of the UN Climate Summit this week, and one of many held around the world. It was HUGE with at least three hundred thousand climate activists and supportive workers extending dozens of city blocks.

Attending the march along with me were Pat N., Sara O. (North Jersey/Boston local), Charles S. and Stephanie G. (North Jersey), Marc T. and David R. (Philadelphia), Sarah (Massachusetts), Marisa O., John R., Nick D. (New York City), and Joe P. (Pawling). Shawn from the social and arts center ABC-no-rio marched with us in solidarity. Sheran (Central NJ), Jeff P. (Long Island), and other supportive friends and relatives joined us later on.

The march took forever to start because of its size. Kick off was planned for 11:30 AM, but we didn’t start until around 1:30 PM. (No speeches. Just waiting to march!) We lined up on Eighty-first Street. It took eleven blocks and about thirty minutes just to reach the “starting point” on Columbus Circle. When I called a friend working as a volunteer, he told me that the first group finished (Eleventh Avenue & Thirty-fourth Street) as we just started leaving Eightieth Street and 8th Ave.

We handed out Strike Climate Change! literature and networked. A few folks stopped by and talked, including Barbara Garson, a former SP VP candidate. She volunteered to speak at an event for the Socialist Party. Barbara also shared stories of the Free Speech Movement, and her work in the “The Shelter Half”, an anti-war GI coffee house operating during the Vietnam War. She was with her partner, former SP member Frank Leonardo.

All ended up leaving the March at Battery Park, as a reception was planned for 4:00 PM. We didn’t start until 5:30 PM because some folks were still finishing the march. Rostafa, a fellow marcher and Montclair musician with whom I work, performed.

Our support of and participation in The People’s Climate March clearly speaks to the SPUSA’s continuing commitment to one of its main Party principles:

The U.S. must immediately return to participation in international agreements, such as the Kyoto Protocol, limiting carbon emissions, and accept a major role in worldwide efforts to control global warming.

Follow this link to see the SPUSA at the People’s Climate March:

Greg Pason,
National Secretary, SPUSA
September 22, 2014


Greg Pason

is National Secretary of the Socialist Party USA. Greg is also a former Socialist Party candidate for Governor and U.S. Senate; former Co-Chair of the NJ Branch of the National Writers Union, former member of the Brandworkers International Board of Directors, former chair of the Coalition for Free and Open Election and ABC-No-Rio Collective member/volunteer.

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