Let’s Have a Talk

by: Undercover Komrade

Featured in the 2018 Art Edition

OK, let’s have a little talk, my liberal friend.

I love you, but I am very pissed at you right now. As a radical leftist, I get constantly shit on by your ilk by refusing to vote for a corrupt government and system. I’m told that I’m “privileged”, that voting “blue” is “harm reduction”, “we have to start somewhere”, and that “no socialist can ever get elected to high office.

Sit the fuck down, pay attention, and listen, because I will only say this once.

I, as a radical leftist, do not ever vote for capitalist parties, period.

Who was it that voted to gut welfare in 1996 and even lead the charge? Democrats

Who was it that refused to lock down the chamber and fully cooperated with the entire Iraq war, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the current bombings and drone strikes that take place, right now, in Yemen? Democrats

Who voted to transfer military gear into the hands of local law enforcement, so that cops can terrorize people of color, poor folk and activists with SMGs and armored personnel carriers? Democrats

Who merely hand wrings while making back door deals with the fascist Republican party and only gives token, hand wringing resistance? Democrats

Who cheerfully passes tax cuts that destroys jobs, transfers the hard work of American citizens into the hands of the likes of Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett? Democrats

Who is fine with some token concessions to white and wealthy queer people while joining other politicians in denying the life-saving services that poor and POC queer people need? Democrats

Who keeps on voting for these monstrous henchman of capitalism, the smiling face of the double headed symbol of Janus, the god wealth, with their republican allies and partners being the mean, snarling face? Democrats

Who keeps making noises about being friendly to the environment, yet quietly passes legislation that enables large corporations to literally turn the planet into a poisonous, toxic dump for money? Democrats

Who will always, always listen to a donor on the phone instead of a constituent on the street, and can only keep their job if they obey their donors and do as they are told? Democrats

So, shut your mouth about my privilege. While poor, POC and queer people are suffering and fearing for their lives because of the way that the wealthy demand that they be be used, targeted and threatened, you can sip on your Starbucks, wear a pink pussy hat or claim to be a sensitive, progressive guy, when your paid for party sidles up with fascists and helps them make this country into a living hell as the world burns up.

I love you, but fuck your party, and fuck your very white privilege. Even if you are not white, supporting Democrats is the whitest thing anyone can do. Ask any of the black radical comrades I have the great honor to work with.

Education time – this is what Marx had to say about voting:

“ The working class must constitute itself as a party “distinct from, and opposed to, all old parties formed by the propertied classes,” as the only means to “ensure the triumph of the social revolution and its ultimate end–the abolition of classes.” – 1871 International Workingmen’s Association resolution

Engels has this to add –

“The workers’ party must never be the tagtail of any bourgeois party; it must be independent and have its goal and its own policy.”

What does this mean, buddy?

If a political party isn’t for working people, by working people, it’s shit.

Any politician who is funded by direct corporate contributions or by wealthy people is not responsible to working people. All members of both parties take in some way big money contributions, be it directly or by way of their parties respective committees or PACs.

So, your two parties are bought.

Stop it. Just fucking stop it. Democrats aren’t resisting anything, they exist to make you feel comfortable with this clusterfuck set up that’s robbing all of us blind.

I can see behind your eyes what you’re thinking about. “But what about my family? My friends at work? What would I risk for coming out against the rich? Would I lose loved ones?”

You very well may. I won’t sugar coat this for you.

But consider this – people in Franco’s Spain or Hitler’s Germany had to face this very choice. You need to, as a human being, choose whose more important – your current comfy situation, which is being bought with the blood and tears of oppressed people, or those very people, who you are obligated to stand besides. Consider what happened to the people in Germany and Spain when enough of them made the lesser evil, get along, scared choice.

That’s why we’re pissed with you, friend. It’s because you think there’s only one way out, and the world is doomed to burn, and you have to protect just you and the immediate people who you loved because you can’t imagine a world where people get what they need to survive, not have to strangle each other,

Use your imagination. There is a way out. It’s called solidarity, and we can still pull this out.

I’m pissed with you because I love you.

Do you want to imagine a better way? Then let’s talk.


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