Labor Day Solidarity with Indian Strikers

As Americans celebrate the Labor Day weekend with beer, a barbecue, and an extra day off from their work-a-day grind, the workers of the Indian sub-continent are celebrating and manifesting their labor solidarity in a different manner — a massive general strike in which tens of millions of poorly paid workers have taken to the streets in a huge demonstration against low wages and terrible working conditions.
The labor action in India is among the largest mass workers’ action ever seen.  The Indian public infrastructure has effectively been shut down; the economy stopped. The effective strength of this impressive labor action to challenge the forces of capitalism was aptly displayed, a shining example of how an organized work force could achieve a better world for all.
American socialists can observe this holiday by standing and marching in solidarity with our brothers, sisters, and comrades in India and around the globe.  This Labor Day we celebrate not only a day off and a cold beer. We also honor what an organized working class can do.

Steve Rossignol

is Archivist for the Socialist Party USA.

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