It Takes 2 Hours

It takes 2 hours, by bus, to get to the store.

Another GD bill collector knocks at your door

The rent is too high, you don’t have enough

Landlord replies: “yeah, we all have it rough!”

Hustlers implore, “Can you spare a dime?”

Eyes front, keep walking, you don’t have the time.

Punch in for the temp job “lucky you” has today,

Cleaning the offices where rich people play.

Shine, polish, sweep and take out the trash.

Empty it carefully, one time there was cash.

Get home, PTA, bath, maybe time for a nap?

Then go clean the school where they teach your kids crap.

The kids have to come with you, that’s understood;

Be quiet, don’t get caught, you might find them some food.

Working hard was the answer to getting ahead.

Yeah right, you’d be happy with a loaf of stale bread.

Catch the early bus home and see the sunrise,

Another day, no more dollars, that’s no real surprise.

Open the door; no lights, water, or heat,

Pay up, this is it, or you’re out on the street.

Dig through your stuff to find something to pawn.

Your treasure is greeted with an uncaring yawn.

The color that matters is green and you’re brown,

Keep to yourself on “that side of town”.

One thing is nice with utilities all gone … No pictures, no sound ‘til TV comes back on.

No light, no sound, it’s really a dream

At least you’re not on the news where they can hear when you scream.


Arianna Norris-Landry

is a 35+ year veteran of the struggle and the streets. Author of “The Essential Occupier,” she is known as AriannaEditrix on Twitter and Wordpress. She is currently lending out her “white privilege card” as a social justice advocate in the North St. Louis neighborhoods and an independent paralegal/legal observer for Southern Illinois and St. Louis Metro Area.

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