I’m Done with Competition and Force: Sign Me Up for Socialism!

You know what sucks? Competing for jobs.

I am looking for a job right now and I was already passed up for one because someone else was “more experienced.” In this tight job market where there are a lot of qualified job applicants and not a lot of jobs, it means that employers get the pick of the litter, but it also means many people will go without jobs.

Without jobs we can’t afford to pay for things. And that means fewer people to buy products, services, etc. It doesn’t help the economy when a lot of people are unemployed. And it sure doesn’t help people, who are struggling. More and more these days, people are slipping below the poverty line as income inequality grows exponentially.

Why do we have to compete for jobs? Well, because capitalism says so. Capitalism says that we should compete for jobs, for housing, and for just about everything in life. Capitalism dictates that competition is good. But last time I checked, it’s not.

In fact, I wish we were a cooperation-based society. That way everyone would get a job doing meaningful work. We’re all hired! And those with more experience would mentor those with less. And everyone would collaborate on a team and would have an equal say in our work and share equally what our labor produced.
You know what else sucks? That capitalism forces us to take jobs we don’t like or don’t want to do. Capitalism says “take whatever job is offered to you and be grateful you have a job!” Even if it’s a job that overworks you and is soul-crushing, physically painful, mind-numbing and unfulfilling.

Capitalism doesn’t care what you are passionate about, what makes you happy, or ignites your inner spirit. Capitalism says if you don’t do this job then you can starve. That’s the bitter taste of force.

Of course capitalism will try to trick you into thinking you have a choice. A choice to work for corporation A or B. A choice to work a job that exploits you in this town or the one next to it. But what kind of choice is that?

Capitalism doesn’t care about your feelings, your talents, skills, or contributions. Capitalism only cares about making money off of you. And if you can’t make someone else money, well capitalism sees you as worthless.

I don’t want to compete for jobs I don’t want. I want to get hired to do a job that I want to do and be paid what I am worth— a living wage. I want to be treated like a human being, not a commodity. If anyone should gain from my labor it should be the people I serve in my community, not a master called a boss.

Forget this! I am ready to trade in this crappy system for one that makes me come alive. And competition and force just ain’t getting it for me. Sign me up for socialism!


Tina Phillips

is a social worker who enjoys writing, advocacy, good food, and thrifting. She lives in Oakland, CA with her partner, Rachel, four cats, and their dog, Miss Piggy. You can read more of her writing on her blog at http://tinasradicalrant.blogspot.com/.

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