Finnish Newspaper, Verkkohleti, Covers the SPUSA National Organizing Conference

Published on Verkkohleti August 10, 2014

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Socialist Party of the United States is stretched to the side of the two-party system

Socialist Party of the United States cope stubbornly try to country and change the world, even though the influence of the two-party system seem at times non-existent. American Socialists believe in grassroots work and human encounters.

What should I think about the fact that when the American Socialist Party SPUSA discuss the national meeting of the 2016 presidential election campaigning, some activists have already left the scene?

Oh, to be explained by the long distances: in Chicago last weekend of the Conference participants came kauimmillaan more than four thousand kilometers away, in Los Angeles. It is Sunday afternoon, and the “local area” of northern Michigan is more than six-hour drive.

Or maybe the idea of the presidential elections is not simply inspired all the direct action of friends. Republicans and Democrats by filling the field, billionaires funded election campaigns among the playing is difficult. Still, a socialist thinks that the elections are a way to get at least to some extent display.

American Socialist Party SPUSA to run a democratic socialism and a feminist. The fact that different members have different goals and priorities, the party is an acceptable and recommended.

Chicago skyscraper near the center, multikulti-house organization met last weekend, for three to forty American socialist. Gathering is white, black, young, older. Men have more than women.

Discussion, it suffices to The Time is Now! (The time is now!) Conference workshops ideas on how democratic socialism can contribute to the workplace, in communities and society.

And socialism is not even just a Republican dirty word.

– For example, in Los Angeles, the situation is precarious in a positive way, full of competition. Various socialist or communist factions of more than 150, of the Socialist Party chairman and vice-chairman Mimi Soltysik Lynn Lomibao tell.

the cecum was socialist

Socialist Party-chairs Stephanie Cholenskya is induced to the party’s presidential candidate in 2016 elections. There, he would probably only his man of the Republican candidate and the Democratic female candidates, like just known by their first name, Hillary, Hillary Clinton, whose candidacy many supporters and opponents already be a foregone conclusion.
– Time is not now for me the best, but the 2020 presidential elections yes I am interested, Cholensky says. 

– I want to settle down in their new home in North Carolina, and activate there for the party activities. I also want to get a reduced student loan. I do not have any money to campaign, the University of the cancer research started Cholensky says. 

The experience made him a socialist. As a young high school girl without running Cholensky did not get in Colorado for help severely irritated the cecum, because he did not have health insurance. He was instructed to go to the hospital emergency room only if the cecum to break out, even though the situation might be at that point already be life-threatening. 

– The cecum is not broken out, but still bothers me. My job, I now have insurance, but I want that health care will everyone else – even those who do not have insurance or family relationships. 

A sultry weekend in Chicago socialists gathered to discuss the presidential elections peacefully. Congress decides on the candidate’s setting well over a year to get to. 

– Would cause women to turn to, says Matt Erard. Marxinsa knowledgeable man living in the bankruptcy of the issuing city of Detroit, which is currently moving away from everybody who can. Erard would like to change the city’s high Commune. He seems to be a man whom others listen.

The two-party system suppress options 

Party Secretary Greg Pason listens attentively to others and expresses its position, then: 

– I hope that we choose to participate in the presidential elections. I think we need to throw yourself into the presidenttispektaakkeliin, although we do not self-spectacle should not. We need to be seen and be heard! 

Pason in that many Americans are “very tired” two-party system and its failures. Republican extremists Department Teekutsuliike sabotaged parliamentary activity in many ways. Demokraattipuoluekin is slid to the right more and more. 

– Green we should, and we are a proponent, but even they are not socialists, John Strinka says. 

People in mobilizing sufficient for the task. Democracy in the United States in varying degrees. In some states, we are even closer to the multi-party system, while in others, “ajokortittomien”, ie the poor and college students to vote and voter registration discouraging in many ways. 

Conference participants agreed that they acquire the necessary lists and take back to work. 

– First, you should ask for the name and address, and only then talk about socialism. And expect people to come to us, we will go directly to them, Matt Erard encourages.


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