Ferguson Files: The Day After the Night Before

Yes, we went back out tonight.

The National Guard were posted up in full riot gear, shoulder to shoulder in front of the Ferguson PD, and it wasn’t even 8 p.m. yet. I lost count of how many police, sheriff and NG vehicles we’d passed coming from two “towns” over (about 4 miles). We parked at Queen’s Chinese and sat and ate dinner while debriefing the previous night and checking our own “pulse” for that evening. It was strange; everyone was feeling a bit “off” and were questioning themselves. We were all still dog tired from the night before. Karl, who lives in Ferguson, was not coming out as he had “daddy duty” and he’d heard some rumblings of violence being brought TO Ferguson.

My phone went off.  Not unusual these days, though I’m still not used to it “blowing up” — especially with private messages and texts.  So I broke the “no phones at dinner” rule and looked.

It’s funny how death threats can make good Lo Mein taste bad. Seems some people, of the paler persuasion, were really upset by the violence and property damage of the night before.  I mean, seriously upset and, literally, gunning for revenge.

And I quote, “We’re going to go ________ (that word) hunting and get some of you race traitor, _______ loving protestors too.”

That is the nicest message I got. So I made an executive decision and decided that we were not staying. I’d seen medics and LOs a plenty, so I was not too worried, but we did check in with the folks on the line. It was ok with them. They understand, too much sometimes. But they know I’ll be back — I always am — and they know that about me. Plans are already underway for Wednesday night.

NOTE: To those worried about the heart attack victim. She made it to the hospital alive, but is not doing very well. I fear the time taken to revive and transport her might have been too long. This is unverified, as all I got was her first name and her daughter’s name. I hope for the best for both of them.


Arianna Norris-Landry

is a 35+ year veteran of the struggle and the streets. Author of “The Essential Occupier,” she is known as AriannaEditrix on Twitter and Wordpress. She is currently lending out her “white privilege card” as a social justice advocate in the North St. Louis neighborhoods and an independent paralegal/legal observer for Southern Illinois and St. Louis Metro Area.

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