Emoji Dicks

A Poem by Michelle Mermilliod

Eggplant, peach, three sideways drops of water
Old habits die hard.
I respond with a yam (cut in half) Five updates ago
It looked more like a tragic eggplant. Made it incomplete.
A syringe and a rather large red and yellow pill-
I didn’t realize it was that kind of party
Send me a cute little mushroom, and keep your bush.
Netflix and emoji dicks.
a monkey covers its eyes. Taco! Unicorn! Nature’s pocket = pita pocket.
each occupation this (or the last, perhaps a few?) updates ago
now compliments the male/female binary
a chicken, a hen is an animal or the Swedish word for
a third possibility: You do you.
A red rose, too sexy, too romantic a real bouquet
Perhaps daisies will do instead.
Maybe just a smile, but not the cat!
Two girls in leotards dancing
instead of kissing with a pink heart above.
Cheers! Two beer mugs clink and
I get another migraine.
Danica Roem is keeping it 100
“Fuck that, get money” is translated into
a stack of books followed by a male or female graduate of varying hair and skin colors.
My boss sends me a smiley face twice. Exclamation point.
I could go on forever if I weren’t at 2%

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Michelle Mermilioid

has her MA in English and is an active feminist, poet, teacher, mother, and friend.

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