Comrade: Term of Endearment and Unity

I suspect that many of us use our favorite form of address – “comrade” — with either a certain sense of sarcasm, or a longing for the romance of old-fashioned revolution. But the term does far more for us than replace the words “colleague,” “friend,” etc. There is a sense of camaraderie between members of our party. There are few of us, but we are tight-knit and strong. “Comrade” implies this beautifully. We are not only united under common beliefs, but we are united in a fight against oppression when we use this word.

There is a strength within it that has nothing to do with setting ourselves apart from capitalists. This strength is that we are unified in the belief that we must help one another not only during our struggle for equality, but also after we have established a more just world. And, of course, “comrade” does a lovely job of making the capitalists shudder as well.


Valeria Martinez

is a young writer who is currently working on pursuing her dreams and becoming a better person. She is a student and has published both poetry and creative essays in the past.

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