The New Dictators

After Renato Corona's outbursts about President Noynoy Aquino's acts of dictatorship, the President had also released a statement about how the Chief Justice had manipulated his power to bend the law to his will, making him more a dictator as any have been.Look Who's TalkingAccording to latest Philippines Current Events, a day after Chief Justice Renato Corona had accused PNoy of attempting to establish a dictatorship President Benigno Aquino III on Thursday said Chief Justice Renato Corona was being impeached because he had been dictating how government should be run with the Supreme Court's changing interpretations of the law."Well, perhaps, that is their position. Let's look at whose actions show whatever," the President told reporters in Malacanang when asked about Corona's allegations that he was dismantling the constitutional system of check and balance among the three branches of government."Isn't it when we go to the court, we expect… fairness and certainty in the law. So, if that certainty and predictability of the law are lost, when the interpretation of the law is changed, who's the one followed? Who's the one dictating?" he said.According to Current Events in Philippines, Mr. Aquino said it was difficult to understand the accusation that he was building a dictatorship when "we are the ones being confused by the changing decisions that affect the people." The President had also dared Corona to reveal his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) required of government officials.Where it All StartedAccording to Philippines Current Events, this all started when the Supreme Court had given a TRO or Temporary Restraining Order on the former president's hold-departure order, allowing her to leave the country to seek medical attention to her ailment.

After that, PNoy had mounted an attack on Corona's credibility. One such incident was within a meeting with the justices in which the President had attacked Corona about his involvement about the midnight meetings with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before she stood down from presidency.On Monday, Mr. Aquino's allies in the House of Representatives impeached Corona with a stunning vote of 188 members carried out in unusual swiftness and secrecy.On Wednesday, the Senate formally convened as an impeachment court. It will begin proceedings next month after the Christmas break.Corona, however, denied the allegations against him, reminded the President and Congress that Supreme Court rulings were "collegial" decisions and announced that he would face the charges squarely and would not quit.Mr. Aquino as a DictatorBatangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles on Thursday said on the Catholic Church-run Radio Veritas that bishops had themselves experienced Mr. Aquino's "dictatorial" wrath in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office fund misuse scandal involving the distribution of vehicles to impoverished dioceses."We have long felt this dictatorship, but they cannot impose it because they're not sure of the military. What the dictatorship did during the time of (Ferdinand) Marcos was to destroy an institution that could pose threats to their plans," Arguelles said. For more information visit to our site at

Democracy And Nation Building

Rajiv Gandhi : "We have cherished our democracy. Democracy is our strength. We have no illusions that all problems have been resolved. But the democratic way of nation building requires patience, perseverance and a spirit of conciliation. We proclaim the unity of India. It is a fact of transcending significance. But is it not also a fact that most of us, in our daily lives, do not think of ourselves as Indians? We see ourselves as Hindus, Muslims or Christians, or Malyalees, Maharashtrians, Bengalis. Worse, we think of ourselves as Brahmins, Thakurs, Jats, Yadavas and so on and so forth. And we shed blood to uphold our narrow and selfish denominations. We are imprisoned by the narrow, domestic walls of religion, language, caste, and region, blocking out the clear view of a resurgent nation. Political parties, state governments and social organisations promote policies, programmes and ideologies which divide brother from brother and sister from sister.

Bonds of fraternity and solidarity yield to the onslaughts of meanness of mind and spirit. Is this the India for which Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi sacrificed their lives?We need to change the scenario of rural areas and for that we need to change the lives of farmers, workers. This is the only way out. We need to take the farmers closer to the use of technology, give them advanced equipments, give them newer variety of seeds and teach them new irrigational methods. On the other side we will also make sure that they get the right price of their production. This way we are trying to help out the farmers.Bringing the 73rd Constitutional amendment, he also brought the idea of 'a government of the people, by the people, for the people' into a real shape.(Strongly advocating Panchayati Raj)…After the country got Independent, the constitution promised the resolution of empowering the third strata of society. First and second is functional from Delhi or functional in capital cities which is decently empowered after several elections. These can not be moved now. But because the third strata is still weak, the weakness passes on to the first and second strata too. People at the top strata become paper lions.

This way a complete hollow set up is built and that is what we need to rectify. need to ensure that newest of technology is utilized and used at the rural level. We need to befriend science and technology to jump to higher notches. Distance between concept and implementation needs to be bridged."RAHUL GANDHI : "I have been saying for sometime now that this country started of as one country and every body in this country was poor. Sixty years of work and today we have developed two Indias. One India is the India of opportunity and second India is lacking that opportunity. You can say one India is rich, one India is poor. You can say one India has infrastructure, roads, connectivity and other India does not. You can say one India lives in the cities, the other India doesn't. None of these definitions captures precisely the fact that there are two India. But every one among us knows that there are two Indias. Ensure that it is an India of opportunities for all. Our view is that you need both these Indias to eventually create that One India. The idea is that you take the India with opportunities, you grow that India and you take some of the benefits and you put them into the villages and you engage and involve that India into this first one. That is our view. Out view is that both these Indias have to be merged and that is the idea of Aam Admi.".

Get Acquainted With Political News

A common man has been excluded from the sphere of politics. The main emphasis in general and on the public. This entity of the system has been addressed by various magazines. This is done for appeasing the curiosity behind the political doors that have been locked. The front pages of newspapers are everything related to political news India. They can also give an impression about the latest political news or about the world news. However, everything is in relation to the latest political news. All states play a vital role in this news. The politicians are concerned with all kinds of river and land. They make issues about various small matters. This is done apart from coming to a fixed decision. There may be a sealing of fate in their policy. There is not much difference in businesses.

The people decide various trade policies. The sounds of various questions are very rhetoric. There is evidence in all answers as well. People have lots of worries about the affairs of politics. Sometimes, the points that are covered in politics are not understood clearly by majority of the people. The life can be changed due to taxes. However, one need not worry about the discussion of bills and policies. Thus, the political news India is highlighted due to all these issues.Headlines of various world news are attracted by the politics of India. This happens very specifically. This happens mostly when great personalities are visiting India for a stay for making their relationship with other countries very better. Thus, majority of the India news consists of the latest politics news. It is taken into consideration as very important. Nothing consequential will come out of them. This is more of political hyperbole. The political scenario of the country represents various countries.

People who are staying outside India have an awareness about the policy makers. The country should be taken to roads. Various manners are taught to the citizens. A positive image is built for the country. However, it is shredded into pieces due to various movements. Various TV channels broadcast the sessions of Lok Sabha. This is surely a shame for the India news. It is not able to console various kinds of situations. There is always criticism which comes from homes. However, this is not enough. World news will have to do its own work. However, only caution should be taken in future. This is what is exactly expected from people.

How to Make The Political Arrangements For Reviewing in Kaoyan

The application phase should be scheduled fromNovember to early December. Its goal is to consolidate the contents through the practice. The summary stage should be scheduled within one month before the exam. Its goal is to summarize the contents of system memory required, and summarize the answer in the ideas and methods. Second, you should focus on different subjects and review methods . 1. Principles of Marxist Philosophy, Marxist Political Economy: This part is usually focused on understanding . This part is a multiple choice and discrimination of the main title. With the basic theory of political economy to explain some of the economic problems, the key is to understand the meaning of these basic theories, and through questions to develop their own theories to explain the use of these practical problems. 2. Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory Preparing for examinations must be focus on the classics, the central document, and the words of authority leader.

Mao Zedong Thought is the history of the Chinese revolution transition from the course, but part of revolutionary history is not the point.Of course there will be some multiple-choice questions, in particular the history of radio will be involved in the revolutionary content, but even if there will be very simple. Contemporary world economy and politics are the basic principles of Marxism and the International Strategic Thought and Deng Xiaoping combined use. You should can be use the knowledge to analyze the contemporary world, some of the major economic and political issues and international relations issues. 3.Situation and policy of the examination is the most specific, including the major stage of the party and government policies of the previous year in November to next October . All in all, it is recommended to be reasonable in the political arrangements for reviewing time. You should focus on self-regulation mentality, targeted goal for their own doing this, the high political score is not far away from you+ACE-

Students And Politics a Global Scenario

The student community, being young and energetic, has a fire, which at the touch of a spark ignites into a very sensuous and passionate matter. They, being young have no patience, are lively and malleable. In the current global scenario, the trend of students actively participating in politics began in the early 20th century, when there were a lot of wars taking place in the global scenario. The elders being busy with their bread earning, they actively encouraged the youngsters to enter the arena of politics. Political parties at that time started enlisting the support of the young students who organized themselves happily, to help one party or the other.However, once the global turmoil situations cooled down, it was to be reconsidered if students should be allowed or courage to enter politics.

Some sections of society now started believing that students should stay away from politics and keep to their study schedules only. While the society kept debating on this issue, the politician took the younger generation as their work cum energy tanks and this participation of students in politics has come to stay.There is of course nothing without advantages and disadvantages, so does this involvement of students in politics. There are both serious disadvantages and may be few advantages too of students being on the center stage of politics. While the students, have primarily entered college for studies they get distracted from their prime objective and become entangled in the dirty game of politics.This leads to closure of institutions which again take a toll of students' study time. The very innocent and loving appearance of children gets lost and they become rude, arrogant and disobedient. When there is too much of hooliganism entering into educational institutions, even police is to be called sometimes and there is utter disorder in the campus and even bullets find their way among the students.

The disadvantages of students entering politics are numerous and destructive.When we study the advantages of this system, they do exist but, are very few and hardly significant. Children entering the arena of politics learn the art of public speaking. They learn to be assertive and impressive. This medium is a good stepping stone to the art of leadership. The important and real advantage is that students in these prime years of life gain a lot of knowledge of politics which gives them training to enter the arena as trained politicians. Also they grow the ability to make a call or decide on any affair regarding the country, which can be good or bad.After studying the pros and cons of students' participation in politics, the disadvantages are more damaging than the gains acquired in the sequence. For, all the advantages students gain, can as well be achieved so in other ways also and there is no need for their entry into politics. Students must stay away from politics and retain their interest in studies which alone can help them steer the ships of their lives.

The Operation Against Osama Bin Laden

The United States has just launched a successful military operation in which Osama bin Laden was captured, killed, and buried. There are many things which would escape the undiscerning eye, especially if you don't have a real working knowledge of these types of operations. I don't work for any government agency, nor was I involved in the operation at all but I do have credentials because of my prior military service and extensive training in combat operations.First of all let's look at the place where bin Laden was captured. The Pakistanis have always been shady in their dealings in this war and there is no doubt in my mind that they have knowingly housed bin Laden and other high ranking Taliban officials for some time now. This would help to account for the reason that they were adamant that no US troops enter into Pakistan. They were also adamant about US drone attacks into their country. If they didn't have anything to hide there should have not been a problem.Remember that bin Laden was neatly hidden away in a military community less than a few hundred meters from the Pakistani military academy.

He was put in a highly fortified compound which made it difficult for anyone to attack and win.Admiral Mike Mullen made a public accusation just a few days ago that Pakistani intelligence was aiding the Taliban. Obviously he knew more than he said out loud.Also notice the timing of the public accusation. It was made just days prior to the operation to overtake bin Laden. I am confident that he knew of the upcoming operation. The accusation served to point all eyes at Pakistan immediately before they were exposed.Remember also that the US knew of the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden since last August. They were obviously confident that he would remain there. The reason that it took so long to act was based on several variables. First of all the operation had to be carefully planned, staged, organized, and rehearsed. The SEALs had to have plenty of time to plan and rehearse their part of the operation. I will guarantee that they probably rehearsed hundreds of times and planned for every possible contingency. This is obvious by the success of the fact that they went into a fortified compound and killed all of the hostile inhabitants with no casualties of their own almost defies reality.

I want you to realize the amount of professionalism that this had to take. This was such a high profile operation that they didn't have any room for error and it appears that the operation was perfectly executed.There are some other aspects of the operation that I want to address also. The first is that they had people on the spot capable of testing and positively identifying the remains of bin Laden. They also had someone there who is an expert in Islamic customs and burial. I would not be surprised if this individual or individuals were some day identified as high ranking Moslem officials. The reason for this is to give the Islamic world a credible witness that things were done the way that they should have been. This will cut down on possible negative publicity and propaganda. Burying the body at sea assures that it will never be recovered and used for propaganda purposes.Also note that the body was buried very quickly. This action eliminates any demands for his remains. It also removes a body whose presence could become a rallying point for sympathizers. It also removes a mutilated body from the scene so that there is no chance for a public viewing which would incite anti US sentiment to higher levels.I am sure that there are many more facts which I don't know about which point to the wisdom behind this operation. Our State Department has certainly done it's homework on this operation. Military Ring Express

YouTube Racist Turned Crusader

Back in 1990, as Bob Miller, a country recording artist and bestselling author, pulled on to Highway 50 out of South Lake Tahoe, the snow had just begin to pile up and he assumed the road block ahead was to inform motorists that chains were required to get over the pass. Not in a million years would he have dreamed it had been set up to catch had gone to South Lake Tahoe to visit a Vietnam War buddy, and it was during this time that Miller gave one of his anti-Bush speeches… "I've heard all my life that you 'Can't powder a pig.' Nothing better describes what we Republicans have been trying to do for the last few years."When George Bush invaded Panama, I thought what on earth can I say to the American people so they will not forget every decent thing the Republican Party has ever done? What can I say when they find out that we got their sons and daughters killed, murdered over 200 hundred unarmed civilians who were not involved in the fighting or street disorders, destroyed countless homes and businesses we cannot afford to replace? Have spent over $150 million dollars we don't have just to satisfy a man's vendetta? Little did I know that he had just gotten started."With every newspaper in the country filled with the savings and loan scandal and Bush's popularity on the express elevator down, he drew a line in the sand.

The only ones on this earth who do no know we killed hundreds of our own people and again spent million we don't have for the sake of oil and a man's political future are ostriches. It is true that Bush does care about the people of Kuwait. He cares about them as he does the American people, in direct proportion to what they can do for him."Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not campaigning against a fellow Republican. Bush does not represent the Republican Party or any other party for that matter.

He represents George Bush."What Miller didn't know was that there was an attorney in attendance who was a personal friend of George H.W. Bush. Miller might have still gotten away with this speech, as he had done many times before, but thinking he was among friends, he added a few remarks that voided any protection under the First Amendment of the he failed to retract his words at this Secret Service roadblock, off he went to a lock-up ward at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Menlo Park, California. Had Miller not been a Vietnam War hero and a friend of a U.S. Senator, he most likely would have been carted off to Leavenworth. For those who might be interested in watching videos titled, Cowardly Blacks, and If Alabama Bridges Could Talk, simply go to YouTube or click on titles. A word of warning, even though Bob Miller is a registered Republican, his videos are not recommended for members of the Republican base or the followers of the late Jerry Falwell, James Kennedy or Jim Jones.

Hilariously Mistranslated Political Issues

Just like interpreting, translation is a complex process. BThe fact that you can speak the language, does not mean you can translate something competently. There are several sectors in the world that had been lost in translation. Getting lost in translation can be potentially dangerous and may cause plenty of embarrassment.There are some instances that getting lost in translation pulled down the credibility and the good image of a political leader. Most often, being lost in translation about the politicians occurred during an election or a political campaign. Lines or speeches of politicians are often lost in translation. However, those speeches are hilarious and some are really incredibly embarrassing.One of the funny examples about politicians that were lost in translation was to do with French political leader Rachida Dati made a speech on the radio, but her speech was full of criticism.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be confused between oral sex and inflation and used the word fellatio instead of inflation. The former justice minister apologised on her facebook account right away after the hilarious incident.The Italian leader, Silvio Berlusconi lost his face when he presented a really embarrassing and funny translation about his ministries' biographies. The translation of the biographies was posted on a government website. However, Berlusconi described his spokesperson as a ''megaphone'', one of his ministries as a graduate of the University of ''Mouthfuls'', and a professor as a ''walnut''. In addition, he described his community policy minister as having ''graduated himself'', and through the help of Prof Augusto of the ''walnut''. Walnut is the literal translation of the name of their professor called Prof Augusto della Noce.In the United States, they have this concept for businesspeople and politician to determine first the culture and tradition of their clients to avoid uncomfortable scenes, critics and issues.

However, the Indonesian Information Minister found it awkward when the U.S first lady shook his hand. In Muslim tradition, men are prohibited from touching any woman, even if it is just shaking their hands, who are not family members. Moreover, the video was been criticized in Muslim countries especially because the minister was seen in the video, smiling sweetly upon shaking the hand of the U.S first lady. In addition, one U.S journalist posted something on the label of the video along the lines of ''the cutest political sex scandal ever?''I guess if you were one of the leaders in the scene, it would be awkward and not fun if you will hear some negative criticism, especially when they are making fun of you. However, this is usually the case in every politician that will be in the spotlight. Every people has their own taste, thus, they will criticize you in every way that they like.In addition, if this is so, why do you think the U.S first lady had not been briefed by any of their advisers or their Whitehouse interpreter not to offer her hand to be shaken by a Muslim man? For sure, the first lady did not go there by herself, she went there with an interpreter and advisors as well. Or maybe it's an example of how Americans just don't want to know other cultures.