Dr. York is Innocent

For some the date varies,for me I trace it back to the summer of 1973. Thats when I consciously became aware of the existence/power of Malachi Kobina York(e), known then as As sayyid Al Imaam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi. It was in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn New York,as a youth playing in those streets, going to school etc, I was a witness to the crimes, graffitti, drug use, gang activities, lack of services etc. that afflicted the neighborhood. Well as a matter of fact, NONE of those problems existed a few blocks away in a community established by .New York Daily News journalist Jimmy Breslin reported on the same phenomenom.

A substantial part of this is the many books written by Dr.Malachi Kobina York. Fast forward to may 8th 2002, the "arrest" of in Milledgeville, Ga., the so called legal issues surrounding his case, the accusations, etc. have to be scrutinized very close to see the big picture. Fact is he's an innocent man, prosecuted by disagreeable, dissatisfied people with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.Walk through the years in the history of America,you will find that a tremendous amount of wrong doings have occurred, backed by elected officials,law enforcement, and even regular citizens. Somewhere in your Bible, thorough research tells you about the battle of good vs evil, GOD vs the Devil, manifested to this day. Even the layman will agree.In a nutshell, the works of Dr. Malachi York speak volumes on his character as well as his mission to do great things and heal an ailing humanity, spiritually, socially, and so much more.