The Operation Against Osama Bin Laden

The United States has just launched a successful military operation in which Osama bin Laden was captured, killed, and buried. There are many things which would escape the undiscerning eye, especially if you don't have a real working knowledge of these types of operations. I don't work for any government agency, nor was I involved in the operation at all but I do have credentials because of my prior military service and extensive training in combat operations.First of all let's look at the place where bin Laden was captured. The Pakistanis have always been shady in their dealings in this war and there is no doubt in my mind that they have knowingly housed bin Laden and other high ranking Taliban officials for some time now. This would help to account for the reason that they were adamant that no US troops enter into Pakistan. They were also adamant about US drone attacks into their country. If they didn't have anything to hide there should have not been a problem.Remember that bin Laden was neatly hidden away in a military community less than a few hundred meters from the Pakistani military academy.

He was put in a highly fortified compound which made it difficult for anyone to attack and win.Admiral Mike Mullen made a public accusation just a few days ago that Pakistani intelligence was aiding the Taliban. Obviously he knew more than he said out loud.Also notice the timing of the public accusation. It was made just days prior to the operation to overtake bin Laden. I am confident that he knew of the upcoming operation. The accusation served to point all eyes at Pakistan immediately before they were exposed.Remember also that the US knew of the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden since last August. They were obviously confident that he would remain there. The reason that it took so long to act was based on several variables. First of all the operation had to be carefully planned, staged, organized, and rehearsed. The SEALs had to have plenty of time to plan and rehearse their part of the operation. I will guarantee that they probably rehearsed hundreds of times and planned for every possible contingency. This is obvious by the success of the fact that they went into a fortified compound and killed all of the hostile inhabitants with no casualties of their own almost defies reality.

I want you to realize the amount of professionalism that this had to take. This was such a high profile operation that they didn't have any room for error and it appears that the operation was perfectly executed.There are some other aspects of the operation that I want to address also. The first is that they had people on the spot capable of testing and positively identifying the remains of bin Laden. They also had someone there who is an expert in Islamic customs and burial. I would not be surprised if this individual or individuals were some day identified as high ranking Moslem officials. The reason for this is to give the Islamic world a credible witness that things were done the way that they should have been. This will cut down on possible negative publicity and propaganda. Burying the body at sea assures that it will never be recovered and used for propaganda purposes.Also note that the body was buried very quickly. This action eliminates any demands for his remains. It also removes a body whose presence could become a rallying point for sympathizers. It also removes a mutilated body from the scene so that there is no chance for a public viewing which would incite anti US sentiment to higher levels.I am sure that there are many more facts which I don't know about which point to the wisdom behind this operation. Our State Department has certainly done it's homework on this operation. Military Ring Express