YouTube Racist Turned Crusader

Back in 1990, as Bob Miller, a country recording artist and bestselling author, pulled on to Highway 50 out of South Lake Tahoe, the snow had just begin to pile up and he assumed the road block ahead was to inform motorists that chains were required to get over the pass. Not in a million years would he have dreamed it had been set up to catch had gone to South Lake Tahoe to visit a Vietnam War buddy, and it was during this time that Miller gave one of his anti-Bush speeches… "I've heard all my life that you 'Can't powder a pig.' Nothing better describes what we Republicans have been trying to do for the last few years."When George Bush invaded Panama, I thought what on earth can I say to the American people so they will not forget every decent thing the Republican Party has ever done? What can I say when they find out that we got their sons and daughters killed, murdered over 200 hundred unarmed civilians who were not involved in the fighting or street disorders, destroyed countless homes and businesses we cannot afford to replace? Have spent over $150 million dollars we don't have just to satisfy a man's vendetta? Little did I know that he had just gotten started."With every newspaper in the country filled with the savings and loan scandal and Bush's popularity on the express elevator down, he drew a line in the sand.

The only ones on this earth who do no know we killed hundreds of our own people and again spent million we don't have for the sake of oil and a man's political future are ostriches. It is true that Bush does care about the people of Kuwait. He cares about them as he does the American people, in direct proportion to what they can do for him."Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not campaigning against a fellow Republican. Bush does not represent the Republican Party or any other party for that matter.

He represents George Bush."What Miller didn't know was that there was an attorney in attendance who was a personal friend of George H.W. Bush. Miller might have still gotten away with this speech, as he had done many times before, but thinking he was among friends, he added a few remarks that voided any protection under the First Amendment of the he failed to retract his words at this Secret Service roadblock, off he went to a lock-up ward at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Menlo Park, California. Had Miller not been a Vietnam War hero and a friend of a U.S. Senator, he most likely would have been carted off to Leavenworth. For those who might be interested in watching videos titled, Cowardly Blacks, and If Alabama Bridges Could Talk, simply go to YouTube or click on titles. A word of warning, even though Bob Miller is a registered Republican, his videos are not recommended for members of the Republican base or the followers of the late Jerry Falwell, James Kennedy or Jim Jones.