Hilariously Mistranslated Political Issues

Just like interpreting, translation is a complex process. BThe fact that you can speak the language, does not mean you can translate something competently. There are several sectors in the world that had been lost in translation. Getting lost in translation can be potentially dangerous and may cause plenty of embarrassment.There are some instances that getting lost in translation pulled down the credibility and the good image of a political leader. Most often, being lost in translation about the politicians occurred during an election or a political campaign. Lines or speeches of politicians are often lost in translation. However, those speeches are hilarious and some are really incredibly embarrassing.One of the funny examples about politicians that were lost in translation was to do with French political leader Rachida Dati made a speech on the radio, but her speech was full of criticism.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be confused between oral sex and inflation and used the word fellatio instead of inflation. The former justice minister apologised on her facebook account right away after the hilarious incident.The Italian leader, Silvio Berlusconi lost his face when he presented a really embarrassing and funny translation about his ministries' biographies. The translation of the biographies was posted on a government website. However, Berlusconi described his spokesperson as a ''megaphone'', one of his ministries as a graduate of the University of ''Mouthfuls'', and a professor as a ''walnut''. In addition, he described his community policy minister as having ''graduated himself'', and through the help of Prof Augusto of the ''walnut''. Walnut is the literal translation of the name of their professor called Prof Augusto della Noce.In the United States, they have this concept for businesspeople and politician to determine first the culture and tradition of their clients to avoid uncomfortable scenes, critics and issues.

However, the Indonesian Information Minister found it awkward when the U.S first lady shook his hand. In Muslim tradition, men are prohibited from touching any woman, even if it is just shaking their hands, who are not family members. Moreover, the video was been criticized in Muslim countries especially because the minister was seen in the video, smiling sweetly upon shaking the hand of the U.S first lady. In addition, one U.S journalist posted something on the label of the video along the lines of ''the cutest political sex scandal ever?''I guess if you were one of the leaders in the scene, it would be awkward and not fun if you will hear some negative criticism, especially when they are making fun of you. However, this is usually the case in every politician that will be in the spotlight. Every people has their own taste, thus, they will criticize you in every way that they like.In addition, if this is so, why do you think the U.S first lady had not been briefed by any of their advisers or their Whitehouse interpreter not to offer her hand to be shaken by a Muslim man? For sure, the first lady did not go there by herself, she went there with an interpreter and advisors as well. Or maybe it's an example of how Americans just don't want to know other cultures.