Washington Prepares for the Crime of Preemptive War in North Korea

Donald Trump has stated that the U.S. “will” respond to “threats to the United States” by North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” That is, words by Pyongyang “will” be met by massive physical violence.

He has thus openly declared a policy of preemptive war against Korea, just as George W. Bush declared and executed the same crime against Iraq in 2003.

The purported threats of North Korea are actually weapons tests – defensive responses to a 60-year U.S. threat to resume its 1950 invasion of Korea and its devastation of the North. Bipartisan Washington has refused to sign a simple peace treaty ending the Korean War and committing itself to mutual non-aggression there. It backs its threats to resume the Korean War with frequent military exercises close to North Korea and deployment of a missile system (called THAAD) that even the South Korean government has opposed.

Instead of calling for an end to aggressive exercises, withdrawal of U.S. occupying troops, and signing of a peace treaty, 60 members of Congress on August 10 asked the Secretary of State to agree that “any preemptive attack on the North must be debated and authorized by Congress”, and have asked the President to change his language – not his policy. Democratic and Republican policy on Korea has been bipartisan and remains so today. Preemptive war is bipartisan policy – Congress members are just asking to participate in planning it.

The bully in Washington isn’t just one man in the Oval Office – Washington is a war machine in the White House, the Congress, and the Pentagon. It bullies every country of the world, choosing a small victim to bully the most.

To make clear their support for bullying North Korea, these Congress members declared, “We strongly support your recent statements calling for direct talks with North Korea…” and, “We are grateful that you understand the urgent need to make a good faith effort to replicate” the success of direct diplomacy in the 1990s. How low the Democrats need to bow when their Commander in Chief is five years old!

Both parties in the U.S., not just Trump, are on a road to the crime of preemptive war against a small country. An anti-war movement, independent of these two parties, and mobilized in the streets, is now urgently needed. Activists around the country are already meeting to discuss their plans.


David Keil

is a member of the Editorial Board of "The Socialist" and of the Boston Area local of the Socialist Party.

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