Town Hall

We drape the red flags

Around the city hall

The chants of equality

Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood

Dictate our echoes

They dance through the halls

The annals of history shall

Remember this oath

Not to a country or God, but to each other

Solidarity is our gun

Words our bullet

And unity our flag

We are the soldiers of

An awoken generation

Where symbols are just that, symbols.

The chorus of equality begins

The baritones of liberation

The tenors of true freedom

Together we form a hymn for the future.


Noah Toth

was born on May 3rd, 1997 to Joshua and Julie Toth in New Haven, Connecticut. Noah is a constant writer for his high school’s newspaper “The Wall Street Chronicle” where he writes opinion pieces on religion and politics. He currently lives in Marlborough, Connecticut where he practices writing, comedy, and improv.

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