Thank You for Today

by Jen McClellan

My eyes open to take in the light of a bright, white-clouded sky

and already my heart is racing

I am excited to wake up today

Though that has not always been the case

I have not always been willing to get up and go

To work

Or go about my day like a robot adhering to a schedule

Simply because I knew I needed to be doing certain things

At certain places

By certain times

Or the money wouldn’t come

Or my responsibilities would not find themselves fulfilled

But today!

Oh, wow.

Today when I opened my eyes I realized I am happy to wake up

Because these are no longer promises I must keep to satisfy a corporation that spits out paychecks

No these are promises I’ve made to my friends

Friends who are carrying out similar goals for me

Friends who have sat beside me on a warm summer day

Eating pot luck with me

And proclaimed that they too believe in humanity

So maybe what I see when I open my eyes now is hope

Hope that we, average, everyday, forgotten, trampled, workers

Are not alone in feeling subhuman

In feeling abused

In feeling sullen about our home country, but mostly

We are not alone in wanting to work towards a positive change

That is what I see when I awake today

I am not alone

Others are now waking to see this sky

Today I get to fight for them

Read and learn for them

Go out and work for them

And they for me

Today is not for profit

It is for people

Today is the most enlightening awakening, Comrades

Thank you for today


Jen McClellan grew up in a big ditch (Arroyo Grande) on Elm Street. She did not see Nightmare on Elm Street until recently because of this. She has had insomnia since she was 8-ish. Her parents never knew this because she is a ninja, so she got away with an excessive indulgence in media consumption over many years, while you were all asleep. She started writing so she wouldn’t go crazy. She went crazy anyway and got lost in the desert of New Mexico for about six years before finding her way back to the ocean. Now she spends most of her time battling ants, and her debilitating fear of them. Occasionally she hangs out on the Left-side, flashing Socialist gang signs and plotting the revolution. Once in a while she goes to Moorpark Community College for class or to terrorize the library.


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