Statement by 109 (of 201 in total) members of SYRIZA’s Central Committee

On July 12, a coup was carried out in Brussels. A coup which proved that the goal of the European leaders was to make an example of a people who had the vision of a different path, away and beyond the neoliberal model of extreme austerity. A coup that takes aim at any notion of democracy and popular sovereignty.

The agreement with the “institutions” was the result of the blackmailing of the country through economic strangulation. It is a new Memorandum, with onerous and humiliating terms of supervision, disastrous for the country and our people.

We realise that suffocating pressure was put on the Greek side in the negotiations, but nevertheless, we believe that the people’s proud “no” vote in the referendum must forbid the government from succumbing to the extortionate ultimatums of the creditors.

This agreement is not compatible with the ideas and the principles of the left. But most importantly, it is not compatible with the needs of the working class and the popular masses. This proposal cannot be accepted by the members and the cadres of SYRIZA.

We ask for the Central Committee to convene immediately, and we call on the members, cadres and members of parliament of SYRIZA to stand for the unity of the party on the basis of our Congress decisions and our programmatic commitments.

Translation by Antonis Martalis

Originally posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal


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