Socialist Self-Care

As socialists, many of us are aggrieved at larger society’s focus on not just profit but consumerism at its core. With that consumerism comes exposure to endless advertising,dissatisfaction with what we have, and environmental destruction to boot. We also tend to overload our digital consumption, becoming addicted to checking our devices (if we can afford them) and starving for true human connection.

Just in time for Spring renewal are two campaigns to help us re-set our habits, unplug, and
enjoy the fundamentals.

Write On challenges people to commemorate National Letter-writing Month (April) by writing 30
letters in 30 days as a way to foster and promote more thoughtful, connected correspondence
while throwing in a dose of creativity in expression. The website contains plenty of inspiration
and resources to keep us motivated.

Screen-free Week is April 30-May 6 and encourages us to refrain from electronic entertainment
in favor of getting outside, getting together with friends  and family, getting more grounded “IRL.”
Need ideas? Check out the handy list, 101 Screen-free Activities.

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