Keep Standing at Standing Rock!

Editor’s Note: This statement was issued by the SP USA. It is offered in solidarity with the Water Protectors fighting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, American Indians, and Indigenous Peoples everywhere.


The Socialist Party USA congratulates those activists, organizers, and allies who have stood their ground at Standing Rock, which halted the construction of the pipeline.


But the fight still continues. As this statement is being read, Energy

Transfer, Dakota Access Pipeline’s parent company, is looking for ways to

continue with their project.  From an ecosocialist perspective, this project

is harming our planet and will also affect communities surrounding it. There

are many reports of existing pipelines that have burst, and oil has spread

into [neighboring] areas. Also, this project also does not produce any full

employment; independent contractors are being brought in to work on the



The pipeline is yet another example of how the United States relies on a

market economy that does not fully consider the cost of lives and to our

planet. Its only consideration is for those who profit from this project,

including its investors.


Socialist Party USA encourages the people to stand alongside those at Standing

Rock, and to develop local actions in solidarity. People can join the SPUSA to

be involved in Commissions that organize these efforts, or join one of the

many organizations that are involved in support of Standing Rock activists.


Keep Standing at Standing Rock!

Join us for a SPUSA members Video Conference!

Join us for a conversation on the status of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the

actions at Standing Rock and how this issue is connected to the Party’s Plan

of Action Campaigns. What have we done, what will we continue to do, what are

we learning and how do we apply that knowledge toward our work. This phone

conference is being called by the SPUSA Anti-War, Ecosocialist and Labor &

Living Wage Commissions. All Party members in good standing are invited to

attend this video conference.

Video/Phone Conference Info (phone -in option available too):

Thursday Dec 15, 2016 9:00 PM Eastern Time / 6:00 Pacific

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Telephone: 408 638 0968 or +646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 846 038 4852


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