In Memory of Our Comrade

The Socialist Party USA and the revolutionary Left lost a dear comrade. His name was Roberto Ouellette. 

Like so many, Roberto struggled with depression. We knew. Roberto was open about his battles. He let us in. We were honored then. We are honored now. 

Our comrade was always one to greet new members with a big “hello!”. Our comrade was one to be there to offer words of support and encouragement when they were needed. Our comrade liked to laugh. A lot. Our comrade was angry at what he saw. As a comrade would be. Roberto was as kind, compassionate, and sensitive as they come. As a comrade would be.
Our comrade was your comrade. Our comrades mean everything. Roberto meant everything. This really, really sucks.
When possible, please make sure to check in on your radical family. We’re all we got.

-Roberto’s comrades


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