How Revolution Will Happen in the USA

A Short Story by Matthew Kelly

The scene is 2020. Donald Trump has been re-elected by blaming the failing economy on immigrants (again). Nonetheless, his brazen nationalism and lack of tact, combined with the tireless work of activists and organizers, has contributed to the rise of a new and powerful left.

Banks seek to distance themselves from Trump to avoid becoming an easy target of anti capitalists. His money is returned to the oval office, in cash. The anti-capitalist struggle finds a new and unlikely hero.

The president awoke from his slumber to the sound of a forklift down the hall. He had thought that he told them to postpone construction until he left Dubai. Nonetheless, he was looking forward to yelling at the driver of the forklift. It seemed like he had been criticized everyday by the media, and it was nice to be able to dole out criticism without
response. He smiled at the idea, and then opened his eyes.

No wonder he slept so poorly, he thought. He wasn’t in Dubai. He went to is office to see what further disturbed his slumber. Inside lay a wall of green paper- no, walls. Looking in, it was impossible to tell it was an oval. This was King Midas’ labyrinth.

Donald moved more cautiously than he ever had before. He rather fancied the new aesthetic, but was terrified of damaging it. He reached for his phone to tweet what he would say. The words, however, would not come to his head. He walked through the opulent maze in search of his remote- Fox and Friends would provide him with the inspiration he needed.

On the floor, he found it. His TV, however, was blocked by four walls of green touching the ceiling. He pressed the “on” button.




He heard the faint hum of the TV. He then heard the familiar tone of scorn and fear, but could not make out the words. While the auditory ooze made him feel less alone, it gave him nothing to tell the American People. Then, he remembered the sign of an attendee of one of his rallies:

“You have too much money! End capitalism!”

Although he was still unsure what capitalism was, the sign made some sense to him now.

He tweeted:

“Folks, capitalism has to end. Money gets in the way of what is truly important.”


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