Greetings and Congratulations to Syriza and the Greek Working Class

On this historic occasion, in which a mass movement against austerity politics has translated into the birth of Europe’s only anti-austerity government, we send greetings of solidarity and congratulations to Syriza.

We would also like to extend solidarity and congratulations to the people of Greece. They have taken a massive leap of faith by going against the European tide of austerity politics and giving Syriza a clear mandate to roll back the economic oppression imposed by the International Monetary Fund, European Commission, and European Central Bank, which has collectively become known as the troika.

The very existence of Syriza, which began as a broad coalition and coalesced through the Greek anti-austerity movement into one force, proves that relationships and cooperation between different organizations are made on the basis of common interest and movement work, rather than backroom deals that isolate the working class from the decision making process. This belief system is a core tenant of organizing for democratic socialism, one which we hope to continue to exemplify through our work in building the Socialist Party USA.

The electoral battle is won and the Greek government is in the hands of the anti-austerity movement, but the war to end the austerity imposed by the troika and European governments has just begun. Parties with similar motivations throughout Europe now look to Syriza for inspiration, while the austerity governments look at these parties and see the oncoming storm.

We hope that the electoral success of Syriza, as well as the successes to come in bringing Greece into a new era of freedom from austerity, will resonate across Europe and bring similar movements to power. If solidarity among the international working class holds true, we look forward to this energy spreading worldwide and reaching the shores of the United States.

Victory to Syriza! Victory to the Greek working class!


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