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Socialist Party USA National Organizing Conference 2014


Politics as a Contact Sport
This workshop will draw comparisons of political campaigning to athletic teams when it comes to understanding how a campaign team operates.

Using Performance When Addressing Issues
Participants in this workshop will be able to understand the field of Performance Studies, and how to use performance when addressing political issues, and conflict among the group.

Marxism and Democratic Socialism
Presenting an overview of Marxism and its application in democratic socialism.

Working class Vs Middle Class
Video and Speech

Labor Liberation Workshop
The Labor Liberation workshop was developed by the Colorado Jobs with Justice Training Collective in 2011. The training is intended to connect people’s identities and experiences with the labor movement as an anti-oppression workshop.

The F-king Conversation
Open forum to actively listen to and have a rational conversation on the topic of race relations in America today. I can in order to vault it into the deadly silence it is usually greeted with.

Activating the Available: Getting Retirees and Unemployed off the Couch and into the Street.
Presentation on how to identify inactive populations, helping them find their niche/passion, mentoring, enabling and supporting other activists/organizers, and when it’s time to step back and choose another project. Getting more elders and even the un/underemployed into community activism.

Crossing the Line: Working While White in Diverse Neighborhoods
Beginning with a short 5 minute film by the BBC about how racially divided St. Louis, MO is, the presentation will then progress to how and why to go into an area you aren’t living in. Practical steps and standards for starting projects, being in the neighborhood, working on side projects in the area, handling spontaneous ignition of new projects/ deviations from original plans, etc. using experience gained working in North St. Louis and Chicago’s South Side.

Community Building through DIY Arts & Culture Events Workshop 
A presentation and discussion on how to present democratic socialist ideas through DIY (do it yourself) art & culture events. The workshop will use examples of local “Make Music” events, community projects like ABC-No-Rio and SP events like Memphis’s “Red Hot Summer” among other examples.

Structure, Roles and Responsibilities in the SPUSA
A workshop describing the structure of the Socialist Party and responsibilities of National, State and Local officers as well and the opportunities for rank-n-file members

What Is the Consensus?
This workshop will show how to facilitate and conduct a meeting through Formal Consensus.


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