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It is the mission of The Socialist to create and publish content that critically engages readers in socialist theory and ideology. The Socialist is the official publication of the Socialist Party USA. As a multi-tendency party, we seek to represent and challenge the spectrum of ideologies that belong to the Socialist Party through debate and publishing thought-provoking content. Unless otherwise noted, views expressed in the magazine and on this website are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Party. The Socialist magazine and articles may be reprinted with permission for non-profit purposes. To submit an article for publication consideration, please read The Socialist Writing Guidelines and submit your article here.

Adam Powell
Amanda Riggle

Pat Noble

David Keil
Lauren A.R. Koslow
Nicholas T. Walrath
Jennifer Rampollo
Zach Medeiros
Steve Rossignol
Elliott Glover


Adam Powell is a lifelong resident of Montgomery, Alabama, joined SPUSA in November of 2016 and was a founding member of the party’s first chapter in the state, the Socialist Party of Central Alabama (SPCA). In addition, he is the co-Executive Editor of The Socialist as well as the National Vice Chair for SPUSA. Powell graduated from Troy University with a degree in Print Journalism and Creative Writing in 2005 and since then has worked for newspapers and online news sources all across the state and nation. He also teaches classical guitar and music theory and performs throughout the Southeast. He is married to Sara Powell and they have two children, Fionola and Kieran.

Amanda Riggle
graduated with her BA in English Education and is enrolled in an English MA program with hopes of continuing onto her PhD. She studies Early Modern English Drama, Marxism, and Feminism. She is the co-Executive Editor of The Socialist, one of the co-founders of the Inland Empire chapter of the Socialist Party USA, co-chair of the Socialist Party of California, and a member of the Socialist Party USA’s National Committee.

Pat Noble is an elected school board member from Red Bank, New Jersey, National Co-Chair of the Socialist Party USA, and was the 2011 Socialist candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder. He is a member of the Central NJ local and Managing Editor of The Socialist.

David Keil is a member of the Editorial Board of The Socialist and of the Boston Area local of the Socialist Party.

Lauren A.R. Koslow is celebrating ten years as a socialist. She appreciates the intersection of socialism with the other facets of her life: animal rights, public libraries, and The Episcopal Church. She holds a BA from Boston University and a MLIS from Rutgers University. She works as an adult services librarian and organizes a vegan group as well as a chapter of Direct Action Everywhere.  She is married with two cats, Patience and Fortitude (named for the lions of the NYPL), and resides in South Carolina.

Nicholas T. Walrath is an independent researcher who examines issues revolving around policing, police power/war power, security, the political imagination and surveillance.

Jennifer Rampollo is a member of the National Action Committee and an active at-large member from Florida.

Zach Medeiros is a writer, activist, and history student from Long Beach, California. He serves as the Male Co-Chair of the Socialist Party’s International Relations Committee. His major interests include international affairs, with a special focus on North Africa, and the Middle East in general and Syria in particular. Zach’s inspiration is to build a revolutionary socialist movement, which he reports leads him to read, “too damn much for his own damn good.” He also confesses that he does not believe in the State of Delaware, is not a horse, and has no plans to change either of those things in the future.

Steve Rossignol is Archivist for the Socialist Party USA.

Elliott Glover is a writer and undergraduate engineering student from Alabama. Starting to be involved with socialist activism from college, he assisted in founding the second SPUSA local in the state and currently serves as the Chair of the East Alabama local. He is an assignment editor on protests for The Socialist.

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