A New Nuclear Arms Race: Why Peace Activists Must Wage an Open Battle Against the Democratic Party

Originally published on TruthDig.com, October 4, 2014

The Democrats and Republicans keep each other in business. They also keep this country mired in endless wars. Capitalism is a climate disaster, yet the corporate parties remain committed to strip-mining the planet and turning the oceans into public toilets. Obama is, economically, a loyal member of the Clintonistas. As a campaigner for the White House, he beat Hillary by mastering the thoroughly Clintonian game of triangulation. As for the Great Game of Empire, Obama’s policy had been less aggressively militarist than Hillary Clinton’s, but even that distinction is vanishing day by day.



Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a writer and a democratic socialist. His book of essays, “The Queer Question: Essays on Desire and Democracy,” was published by South End Press in 1997. He met Larry Gross in 1975, and they both now live in Los Angeles.

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