The Global Landscape of IP Law: Navigating International IP Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) protection has become more crucial than ever in our increasingly interconnected and digital world. Businesses, creators, and innovators face the unique challenge of safeguarding their assets not only within national boundaries but also internationally. Understanding international IP law is crucial for successfully protecting one's IP abroad. Gathered by the insights from experts at Darwin Gray, here we explore some key aspects and offer insight into strategies to safeguard IP globally.

The Importance of International IP Protection Strategies

Intellectual Property encompasses an expansive spectrum of creations and innovations, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. As companies expand beyond their home countries, adequate international IP protection becomes ever more crucial for various reasons:

1. Global Market Expansion 

Businesses entering new international markets must protect their intellectual property from unauthorised usage or infringement by competitors located overseas, or risk losing market share and revenue. Without adequate protection measures in place, such businesses could risk market share decline as well as revenue decline.

2. Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Global supply chains involve collaboration among multiple partners, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Therefore, protecting intellectual property throughout the supply chain is crucial to prevent theft or counterfeiting of IP.

3. Technological Advancements

Innovation is at the core of business success today, and international IP protection ensures your inventions and innovations remain protected to help maintain a competitive advantage and ensure your success.

4. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Different countries have unique IP laws and regulations. Failing to abide by local requirements could result in costly legal battles and lasting reputational damage, so understanding and adhering to them are integral parts of globalising your business.

International IP Protection Strategies

To safeguard the IP assets that belong to you on an international scale, consider these strategies for effective protection:

1. Conduct Comprehensive IP Audits

Start by conducting an IP audit to identify and catalogue all of your assets - this includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Knowing what you possess is essential in protecting it effectively.

2. Prioritise Key Markets

Once you've determined which international markets are key for your business, prioritise IP protection efforts in these key markets as part of your initial efforts and resources to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights in these priority markets.

3. Apply for International Protection

Consider international IP treaties and agreements which provide protection across multiple countries, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for patents and the Madrid Protocol for trademarks.

4. Engage Local Counsel

To maximise the protection of your IP assets in each jurisdiction where they need protection, engage IP attorneys or law firms who specialize in the local laws of that place. They can offer tailored advice tailored to their particular legal systems.

5. Monitor and Enforce

Once granted, IP rights require ongoing surveillance and enforcement measures to avoid potential infringement. Establish monitoring systems and strategies in order to identify possible violations and take necessary actions against any that arise.

6. Customise IP Strategies

Tailor your IP protection strategies to the needs of each jurisdiction. Varying approaches may be required depending on where your assets reside. To effectively secure them.

7. Educate Your Team

Make sure that every member of your team, from employees to partners, understands the significance of IP protection and follows best practices to prevent accidental infringement or disclosure.

Technology's Role in International IP Protection

Technology advancements have both simplified and complicated protecting IP on an international scale. While digital tools may speed up the process of protecting rights and monitoring for violations, they have also led to new forms of theft or piracy arising from the theft or piracy of digital IP assets and data. Businesses should invest in cybersecurity measures as a safeguard for digital IP assets and data.

Emerging technologies such as blockchain provide innovative ways to track and protect IP assets globally. Blockchain's decentralised and tamperproof ledger provides secure proof of ownership or origin for digital creations or innovations created using it.

In Conclusion

Navigating international IP protection can be an increasingly complex yet essential endeavour for businesses and creators in today's globalised world. Effective IP protection ensures your innovations, brands, and creations remain protected from unauthorised use or theft - protecting their value and integrity along the way. By understanding the global IP landscape, prioritising key markets, and developing tailored strategies tailored specifically to protecting IP assets at scale while still pursuing growth and innovation on an international scale. With technology constantly developing new tools will remain essential to maintaining a competitive advantage on an international stage.

The British Minister Wanted to Know The Real Strength of India

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Latehar said that this election too is an election between two ideologies similar to the recently held Loksabha elections. The one ideology talks of aam aadmi, the poor, Dalits and adivasis; while another one talks about some selected people. "The ideology of Congress Party is that of aam aadmi, Dalits and adivasis while opposition talks of India Shining. We say if development takes place, it must include every section of society while our opposition says it will happen for only few people"he said. Congress General Secretary said that the UPA is running the central government since 2004 and there are numerous work to its credit. He said, "The biggest ever Employment Guarantee Scheme in the world, the NREGA is being carried out by UPA government. It is providing 100-day guaranteed employment to the poor villagers. Seeing the plight of the farmers our government waived their loan worth Rs 60,000 crores. It is also running Mid-day meal scheme for the school going children across the country." Talking about the Forest Bill meant for ensuring the right of people living on forest land he said that this is a major achievement of the government. He further said, "When we launched the NREGA, our opposition had criticised the scheme saying that where was the money going to come from? They even said that the money was going to waste for this scheme.

This is unfortunate that money meant for farmers and poor people is termed as waste; while money going to big people becomes productive." He cited his village visit with a British Minister and said how opposition had ridiculed him. He said, "The British Minister wanted to know the real strength of India. I told him if he wanted to see the strength of India, he will have to go outside of big cities. I took him to villages and we spent night there. That British Minister was impressed to see the energy of villagers. But next day what I saw in newspapers that all the leaders of opposition were saying that I am making mockery of India's poverty." He further said, "That Britisher understood the strength of India but our opposition could not." He said that he visited villages because he had full faith in their capabilities. "That's why we work for them," he said. Congress General Secretary said that our opposition always talks big but don't talk about poverty. "They talk about terrorism but they will not talk about poverty which is most important issue." He asked, "What is the need of literacy? What is the need of health care system? It is needed as we have to bring our millions of family from the poverty trap.

This is a big question before Soniaji and this is a big question before Manmohan Singhji." He cited different party's rule at central and in state level as a big hurdle in implementing pro-poor schemes. He said, "Whatever we design for the poor at central level, it does not reach to them due to reluctance of the state government. In the case of NREGA and many other programmes it has been noticed." He appealed to them to bring a government in Jharkhand which would work for the adivasis, Dalits and the poor. Earlier, Congress General Secretary addressed a rally at Bermo near Bokaro and said if UPA is voted to power, it will make special schemes for the adivasis. He criticised BJP for its promise of providing food grains at cheaper rates saying that the UPA is already doing that through Public Distribution System.

Bevan Dufty

"Paul brings 15 years of accomplishments and experience," said Dufty. "He is committed to innovation and helping individuals successfully leave the justice system. He will make an outstand sheriff.""I'm thrilled to receive the support of Bevan. This gives my campaign a lightning bolt burst of energy and momentum. Bevan Dufty served as San Francisco Supervisor from 2002 to 2011. He represented District 8, comprised of the neighborhoods of the Castro, Eureka Valley, Upper Market, Noe Valley, Duboce Triangle, Diamond Heights, Glen Park, Corona Heights, Buena Vista, Twin Peaks, Mission-Dolores, and parts of the Inner Mission.Captain Paul Michael Miyamoto is a San Francisco native, with a Chinese-American mother and Japanese-American father. He has served in the San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD) for 15 years. Throughout his career, Paul has shown a great capacity for leadership. In addition to being a supervisor in the jails, he has served as manager of the training unit, the investigations unit, and the institutional patrol unit at San Francisco General Hospital. As a Captain, Paul has been responsible for managing both the department's maximum security jail, and since 2009, managing the largest jail that offers programs and education for those incarcerated. Since 2005, he has served as the Commander of the Department's Special Response Team, which handles emergencies requiring special weapons and tactics training.

He has also served as Operations Lieutenant both at the oldest County Jail, and the opening of the newest Jail at San Bruno. In addition, he was a team leader in the URBAN SHIELD SWAT team competition from 2007-2009, and participated in the Best in the West SWAT Competition for five years.Paul has consistently shown his commitment to improving the effectiveness of the SFSD. He has been certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training as an instructor for fellow deputies and staff. In addition to his field duties, he has managed the SFSD's Training Unit and spearheaded the creation of the Department's Field Training Manual / Field Training Officer Program, which helps streamline and improve the training of new deputies. Paul is also an instructor in Advanced Officer Training in radio communications, racial profiling, tactical/interpersonal communications, and tactical planning, as well as Specialized Training in crowd control and management, WMD first responder operations, incident command, and tactical operations.

Paul has regularly engaged with the San Francisco community outside his duties with the SFSD. Since 1999, he has participated every year in the SFPD's Lion Dance Team at the annual Chinese New Year Parade. In addition, he has volunteered with Self Help for the Elderly, a non-profit committed to helping low income and isolated seniors by providing social services and hot meals. Paul also volunteers his time coaching basketball both for daughter Melanie's school team and son Jordan's league team.Born in 1967, Paul attended Lowell High in San Francisco before earning his Bachelor's Degree in History from UC Davis. At the SFPD Police Academy, he was elected President of the 17th Regional Class. Paul met his wife, LeeAnn, in 1996 when both were SFSD Deputies. LeeAnn transferred to SFPD and served the City as a Police Officer for 10 years. They have five children together: Melanie (9), Jordan (7), and triplets Joseph, Marissa, and Maya (3).

Dr. York is Innocent

For some the date varies,for me I trace it back to the summer of 1973. Thats when I consciously became aware of the existence/power of Malachi Kobina York(e), known then as As sayyid Al Imaam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi. It was in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn New York,as a youth playing in those streets, going to school etc, I was a witness to the crimes, graffitti, drug use, gang activities, lack of services etc. that afflicted the neighborhood. Well as a matter of fact, NONE of those problems existed a few blocks away in a community established by .New York Daily News journalist Jimmy Breslin reported on the same phenomenom.

A substantial part of this is the many books written by Dr.Malachi Kobina York. Fast forward to may 8th 2002, the "arrest" of in Milledgeville, Ga., the so called legal issues surrounding his case, the accusations, etc. have to be scrutinized very close to see the big picture. Fact is he's an innocent man, prosecuted by disagreeable, dissatisfied people with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.Walk through the years in the history of America,you will find that a tremendous amount of wrong doings have occurred, backed by elected officials,law enforcement, and even regular citizens. Somewhere in your Bible, thorough research tells you about the battle of good vs evil, GOD vs the Devil, manifested to this day. Even the layman will agree.In a nutshell, the works of Dr. Malachi York speak volumes on his character as well as his mission to do great things and heal an ailing humanity, spiritually, socially, and so much more.

The New Dictators

After Renato Corona's outbursts about President Noynoy Aquino's acts of dictatorship, the President had also released a statement about how the Chief Justice had manipulated his power to bend the law to his will, making him more a dictator as any have been.Look Who's TalkingAccording to latest Philippines Current Events, a day after Chief Justice Renato Corona had accused PNoy of attempting to establish a dictatorship President Benigno Aquino III on Thursday said Chief Justice Renato Corona was being impeached because he had been dictating how government should be run with the Supreme Court's changing interpretations of the law."Well, perhaps, that is their position. Let's look at whose actions show whatever," the President told reporters in Malacanang when asked about Corona's allegations that he was dismantling the constitutional system of check and balance among the three branches of government."Isn't it when we go to the court, we expect… fairness and certainty in the law. So, if that certainty and predictability of the law are lost, when the interpretation of the law is changed, who's the one followed? Who's the one dictating?" he said.According to Current Events in Philippines, Mr. Aquino said it was difficult to understand the accusation that he was building a dictatorship when "we are the ones being confused by the changing decisions that affect the people." The President had also dared Corona to reveal his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) required of government officials.Where it All StartedAccording to Philippines Current Events, this all started when the Supreme Court had given a TRO or Temporary Restraining Order on the former president's hold-departure order, allowing her to leave the country to seek medical attention to her ailment.

After that, PNoy had mounted an attack on Corona's credibility. One such incident was within a meeting with the justices in which the President had attacked Corona about his involvement about the midnight meetings with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before she stood down from presidency.On Monday, Mr. Aquino's allies in the House of Representatives impeached Corona with a stunning vote of 188 members carried out in unusual swiftness and secrecy.On Wednesday, the Senate formally convened as an impeachment court. It will begin proceedings next month after the Christmas break.Corona, however, denied the allegations against him, reminded the President and Congress that Supreme Court rulings were "collegial" decisions and announced that he would face the charges squarely and would not quit.Mr. Aquino as a DictatorBatangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles on Thursday said on the Catholic Church-run Radio Veritas that bishops had themselves experienced Mr. Aquino's "dictatorial" wrath in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office fund misuse scandal involving the distribution of vehicles to impoverished dioceses."We have long felt this dictatorship, but they cannot impose it because they're not sure of the military. What the dictatorship did during the time of (Ferdinand) Marcos was to destroy an institution that could pose threats to their plans," Arguelles said. For more information visit to our site at

Dead End Security

Think back to George Bush in September 2001, standing on top of a pile of World Trade Center rubble, bullhorn in hand, with his arm around the shoulders of a true hero of the day, a New York City fireman. The country was in shock, the world was in shock, and President Bush said all the right things that most Americans wanted to hear. He said things like, "The people who did this terrible thing will not get away with it. They can run but they can't hide. We'll find them and kill them. Justice will be done." And all over the world, the leaders of most countries on Earth nodded yes, we're behind you, America. We sympathize with your loss and stand ready to cooperate with you in any way you want, to make sure that an event such as 9/11 never happens again. "Today," they said, "we are all Americans." It was a rare moment in history when the thinking of many nations were in alignment, and we blew it. The people who did it, in the main, DID get away with it - except for the actual 19 perpetrators of 9/11 who died in the planes. Osama bin Laden is still walking the Earth, enjoying his breakfast tea or coffee under the bright blue skies of Afghanistan or Pakistan.

He, along with the other planners of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers did run and did hide, and are still not found. They are being hidden by vast populations of people who applaud their acts, so it is unlikely that any of them will be turned in for the 25 or 50 million dollar reward offered by America, and this, in countries where annual income is counted in three figures. Talk about hearts and minds. So he did get away with it, and has seen his plan for the destruction of America almost come to complete fruition. Think back, Students of Terrorism, to his public announcement of how he was going to do it. He said it cannot be militarily because America has most of the guns in the world, and you cannot bring down airplanes by throwing rocks at them. Mr. bin Laden told us he'd destroy America economically, and he knows economics, having been owner and operator of one of the largest construction companies in the world. He told us that all he had to do was to burn a little piece of cloth that looked like the American flag, in any Middle Eastern country, and America would spend billions of dollars that we don't have and cannot afford, in that country, to find and kill the flag burners, the terrorists, the insurgents. He has done that and we have performed like puppets on a string.

He has caused us to spend one trillion dollars in these fruitless pursuits, and we are a bankrupt country now, partly because of this. So how did we blow it? On 9/12/2001, George Bush had the power to instantly create a network of nations all cooperating with each other to stamp out terrorism wherever it lifted its head. On 9/12, he could have called the leaders of all of those countries that were "with us," to Washington, and formalized that arrangement. Our armies could have stayed home and our State National Guards could have done what they were created to do, which was to guard OUR nation, not fight in someone else's. The fever of war would not have infected our country and we would not have fulfilled bin Laden's prophesy of bankrupting us. We would have been part of a worldwide effort to find him that would have had a better chance of success than sending in our armies to wherever he decided we send them. That never happened, and today, after nine years of war taking place over the horizon, thousands of miles from our shores, Americans are being degraded every day at airports by being stripped bare by an x-ray machine that effectively removes all of our clothes, as well as stripping us of our inherent right to privacy, in an unsuccessful continuing attempt to stop what is unstoppable. As John Kennedy said, just before his head was blown off, if someone was willing to die, you cannot stop them from attempting to kill anyone, including a president. But we will not understand this, so we build machines that may reveal a terrorist to his bare skin, but will leave us unable or unwilling to understand that unless we get past the skin and into his mind and motives, we will never be able to stop them from hurting us. It is as if a terrible wound has been inflicted inside the body of our country and we are bleeding to death, watching our young soldiers dying in strange countries, watching our liberties at home bleeding into the ground, leaving us a pale version of the robust, liberty loving, strong land we were in 1776, and, when someone notices the blood coming from our body, and says, "Maybe there's a better way?" we wave that away with a weak gesture and say, "I'm okay. I'm winning the war." It is a good thing to defend yourself. It must be done and must be done better and especially smarter. It is a bad thing to engage in an unending, perpetual War On Terror, which, by its own definition, is unending. It cannot have an end unless we can figure out a way to kill every person in the world who wishes us harm, and that is not possible. Obama is perpetuating and accelerating America's status toward becoming just another country, and him as just another politician. Where is the visionary person who can see into the heart of darkness of an unending night of war, to let the sunshine in?

What The Charlatans of Charite Are Ready For to Receive Stable Earning?

The legends about "quality" of the medical institution "Charite" have long been rife in Europe. The international Mass Media reports are indicative of it. Thus, in January this year the Berlin police and prosecutor's offices were carrying out the searches in outpatients centers of the clinic as well as in the apartments of some employees of "Charite" suspected of fraud. The spokesman of Berlin prosecutor's office Martin Steltner stated that the law-enforcement officers conducted search warrants in all five outpatients centers and private houses of the employees of the clinic. Altogether the prosecutor initiated 32 search warrants. No less than ten employees of the medical institution were suspected of calculated fraud. According to Steltner, during several years the centers were rendering accounts to the patients from medical persons who didn't have any right to do it. For example, to treat a patient and receive money for that from the cash register is exclusive right of those medical personnel who have the license for medical practice; however, in "Charite" assistant doctors working in in-patient departments or even administrators often stood in for them. And this is not a single instance but more goal-directed illegal practice. Apparently it explains the fact of German prosecutor's office taking more and more close interest in work of "Charite" over last couple of months. This was the case in October 2012 when at the clinic's premises eight babies contracted bacteria infection, and in November - as the result of the rape of 16-old patient by male nurse. And once again there's unpleasant news - on 19th of February this year, according to influential "Berliner Zeitung" in the "Charite" department for newly-born, three babies contracted bacterial infection, more likely - the Serratia bacteria. It is difficult to understand the logic of some European politicians who still listen to the statements and conclusions of "specialists" of the clinic with such reputation. In effect, the personnel of "Charite" is little known beyond this medical institutions. Besides, the quacks of "Charite" allow themselves to openly neglect the opinion of the domestic doctors with world names in neuralgia sphere. Though, why wonder here?: there's one logic here, perhaps - there's much to gain if to hear what one wants to hear or what was ordered. And everything which doesn't fall under the criteria or, God forbid, run counter to such criteria, shouldn't be taken into account but should be considered as "underhand intrigues of the foes". Probably for that particular reason the statement of ordinary physiotherapist of "Charite" Annet Reishauer about the state of Yu.Tymohenko being close to paralysis was gladly welcomed by "International community" (and why not say frankly: by Ms Merkel and her partners from "old Europe"). As the saying goes, he who pays receives the diagnosis according to the pricelist. The more the merrier. The main medical story-teller of our time, director of the board of "Charite"clinic Karl Max Aynhoyphl recently once again stated that heroine of the thriller "Save Yulia" must not be disturbed by no means and the treatment should be carried out only in in-patient department. Preferably in presence of dear lawyer and MPs-female friends who, apparently, have a healing influence on the organism of Tymoshenko. And in this case it never matters that the luminaries of Ukrainian science have come to the following conclusion: 10-months patient treatment which envisaged her taking a number of physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments has been completed. Moreover, the Ukrainian doctors underlined that further taking of any treatments may have adverse effect. In other words, our doctors have mildly notified that they are not willing to take part in the farce of "salvation of Tymoshenko" where the only thing which is important is process and its cost. Well, can it be any different? Who dares to challenge the threat to life and health of "orange" (or maybe "gas") princess who is so dear to the heart of Western burgher? The members of the Ukrainian commission? But who on earth they are! And this poor opinion of their?! However, if one studies thoroughly the track record of the Ukrainian doctors who are the members of the Commission of Ministry of Health Protection - everything becomes loud and clear. Thus, Evgeniy Pedachenko - member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, Honored Science and Technology worker, one of the world leading neurosurgery practitioner; he's frequently invited to the leading foreign clinics including in order to conduct surgical interventions. Academician Pedachenko gives lectures on neurosurgery in Austria, Spain, Germany, USA, Switzerland and other countries, he is permanent member of Neurotraumatological Committee of World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, Royal Society of Surgeons and so on. One can endlessly continue to enumerate regalia of this expert, who is, by the way, in the top five of the best world's practitioners in neurosurgery according to the version of the American Small-Invasive Spinal Surgeons Association. Other members of the Commission of Ministry of Health Protection are his peers Vasiliy Netyazhenko, universally recognized specialist on rehabilitation medicine as well as world-known Ukrainian doctor, corresponding member of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, member of International Internal Medicine Society Executive Committee; Nikolai Korzh - Doctor of Medicine, member of International Orthopedist and Traumatologist Association , vise-president of the Ukrainian Orthopedist and Traumatologist Association and Ukrainian Osteoporosis Association.

The opinion about the composition of the Commission of the Ministry of Health Protection as well as its professionalism can be formed even by judging the fact that every doctor being member of this Commission have impeccable record of medical experience. As compared with them, German quacks are mountebanks, pure and simple, and it is scary even to let them treat cows; however, their unquestionable advantage is unscrupulous behavior and readiness to set any diagnosis in exchange for your money, "having in mind" opinion of any competent doctors. It turns out that the conclusion of the Commission of the Ministry of Health Protection about inexpediency of further treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko is of no value because it is not the way the European politicians would like it to be. "Double standards" when dealing with different issues of international politics has long become "calling card" of EU officials. Therefore, like-minded persons and team-mates of Tymoshenko shouldn't harbor unnecessary illusions if eurobureaucrats happen to find no advantage in supporting her, then in the nearest future no one from them will even remember Yulia. Political expedience, alas, is cynical. Today Europe needs "ill" Yulia-martyr, but who knows what will happen tomorrow… Geopolitical policies are inconstant, and serving the needs of politicians is always lucrative business. Believe, in "Charite" they have first-hand knowledge and quite hurry to work in this direction. Being elusively commercial project, "Charite" clinic never denied its desire to make money, however, when it comes to ordinary quackery and trickery, so called "specialists" of "Charite" tries to defend themselves, however it is difficult to hide an awl in a sack.

Mass Media not but once informed about the commercial implications of the farce from "Charite" by publishing materials, including video and audio information where entourage of VIP prisoner from "Batkivschyna" gives the doctor of the German clinic, attending medical doctor of Tymoshenko - Lutz Harmse, a red-carpet treatment - they take him for a ride on private motor boats and bowling, they lead him to the VIP-loge to the Europe Championship-2012 Finals. One should mention that the price of one place cost at the time as much as 1 thousand euro for one match. The German doctor was accompanied by a famous Ukrainian photo model and glamorous Katerynchuk (the cost of one-day entertainment of German physician - around 60-70 thousand UAH, meaning - 8-9 thousands USD). In the accessible for public correspondence between daughter of ex-Prime-Minister Evgenia and Grigoriy Nemyrya it is mentioned that the "Charite" medical bill is 680 thousands of euro per month. Simple arithmetic calculations suggest that from May 2012 Yu.Tymoshenko "was treated" for 6 millions 800 thousands euro. Of course, foreign quacks rushed to the courts with statements that they didn't take money and the treatment of the convict leader of the Ukrainian opposition is solely free of charge and that the family only covers the expenditures on transportation and accommodation of the "Charite" specialists. Blessed are the faithful… One may talk about cost of transfers: let's count - charter flights to Europe, 5 in total, cost minimum, 35 thousands euro each, and internal flights, 3 minimum, - 10 thousand euro each, therefore, the flight costs total more than 200 thousands euros. In total, except huge expenditures of "Batkivschyna" and Tymoshenko family we also see fabulous earnings of "Charite" even by international standards. This money may be enough to heal half of Europe. The Germans have also forgotten Hippocratic Oath and professional ethics. Saying, you pay us and we will even treat you for deafness, blindness and middle ear hernia. But most important we will concoct nice documents as bonus. These are the assistants and valiant German doctors are working for our Lady "Yu". One may think that if one year is not enough for them to heal the VIP patient it means that there's money and "Charite" has a special feel for that. While the question remains open and Yulia Vladimirovna again motivates her refusal to be transported under guard to Kyiv based on the test results of the most "honest and incorruptible". It is unknown what more "Charite" quakes will cash in on fields of Ukrainian opposition, however one can feel human sympathy for Yulia, because fabulous earrings only stir up exorbitant appetite of German doctors. It may be the case that neither recent Gazprom kickbacks nor funds that are long been looked for - being the result of joint "work" of Yuila and Lazarenko who is up until now cannot square it up with American Justice - won't be enough.

Kashmir – Interlocutors a Serious Sincere Team

People in Jammu and Kashmir will make a serious mistake if they underestimate the team of interlocutors who were visiting the State to interact with people and suggest measures that can be taken to bring peace to the State.The new J and K interlocutors group, consisting of noted editor Dileep Padgaonkar, Information Commissioner M. M. Ansari and academician Radha Kumar is perhaps the most sincere team of persons who have been given the task of functioning as 'interlocutors' ever since G. Parthasarathy interacted with Mirza Afzal Beg, the confidant of Sheikh Abdullah in the early seventies.Since the outbreak of militancy in the late eighties, we have had 'interlocutors' in former Home and Defence Minister K. C. Pant, and the former Defence and Home Secretary, N. N. Vohra. K. C. Pant made his best efforts to meet the 'separatists' and the only person he could interact with was Shabbir Shah.N. N. Vohra tried his best to interact with the different shades of opinion, but was always looked at by the Kashmiris as the 'former Home Secretary', a person who was 'important' when he was in the North Block atop the Raisina Hill in New Delhi.Dileep Padgaonkar and other members of the team have followed events in the State in their individual capacities for decades.

That they have taken their task seriously is evident from the amount of consultations they have had in New Delhi before their departure for Jammu and Kashmir.They have taken up their task from the point reached by the All Party delegation that visited the State for two days. The team of interlocutors has been briefed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister P. Chidambaram, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, and some of the political leaders who visited the State earlier.The team is going to visit the State every month till a solution emerges. They will be visiting Srinagar, Jammu and Ladakh and interact with all groups including those who are in jails. They will interact with political groups, separatists, students and even stone palters.The team has a wide mandate, with no red lines drawn. It would be a mistake to compare the team to G. Parthasarathy who reported to Indira Gandhi. The situation in the nineteen -seventies was different, both in the State and in New Delhi. Sheikh Abdullah was the dominant voice of Jammu and Kashmir, and in Delhi Indira Gandhi had the authority to take decisions.Much of the trouble these days is due to the fact that there are many claimants who would be projected as the 'voices of Jammu and Kashmir'.

The All Party Hurriyat Conference has little influence in Jammu, Ladakh, Kargil or even in all parts of the Valley. The Hurriyat itself is divided between the hard line and moderate factions.Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is the official voice of the State. He assumed the office following a free and fair election process, but the separatists have not accepted his leadership. Even the Peoples' Democratic Party, instead of discharging its role as a constitutional opposition, is always engaged in sniping at the State Government headed by Omar Abdullah. The National Conference shares power in the State with the Congress, but the Congress is divided between factions owing allegiance to Ghulam Nabi Azad and Saifuddin Soz.Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has been mentioning ever since he assumed office that a 'political solution' is required in Jammu and Kashmir. He has also been stating that unless relations between India and Pakistan become normal, normalcy will evade the State.In the charged atmosphere, it is difficult to avoid controversy. Provoked by opposition groups who have alleged that decisions concerning law and order in the State are taken in Delhi, Omar Abdullah reacted strongly, stoking a controversy.To emphasize the point that he was his own master, Omar Abdullah remarked that Jammu and Kashmir had 'acceded 'to India and not 'merged' with India. The remarks engulfed the Chief Minister in a controversy. Days later, Home Minister Chidambaram had to clear the air by saying that Omar Abdullah did not say anything wrong.There is a lingering impression that 'back channel' or 'Track-2' talks between India and Pakistan during the days of President Musharraf had brought the two countries nearer to a 'solution'. We are living in a make believe world.To recall, India Pakistan had 'solved' the Kashmir issue in Tashkent in 1966, in Shimla in 1972 and the impression is that it was almost 'solved' when Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee visited Lahore in 1998 and later in Agra. Lastly, Dr Manmohan Singh would have announced a 'solution', but the change of government in Pakistan prevented it.Successive Governments in Pakistan could revoke any 'agreement' reached by General Musharraf. One has to read the statements made by David Headley to understand Pakistan. Any illusion about General Musharraf should be discarded after reading the recent statements made by him about training militants and sending them across to Jammu and Kashmir.On the eve of the visit to India by U.S. President Obama, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, gave vent to his feelings in Delhi. He received backing from Arundhanti Roy, the patron God of all Small Things, and Naxal sympathizer Varavara Rao. Ali Shah Geelani was shown the shoe, by a member of the audience, but was spared shoe-pelting.One expects a great deal from the interlocutors visiting the State. They may have to visit the different regions many times, and interact with all sections of the population till a lasting solution evolves.

Democracy And Nation Building

Rajiv Gandhi : "We have cherished our democracy. Democracy is our strength. We have no illusions that all problems have been resolved. But the democratic way of nation building requires patience, perseverance and a spirit of conciliation. We proclaim the unity of India. It is a fact of transcending significance. But is it not also a fact that most of us, in our daily lives, do not think of ourselves as Indians? We see ourselves as Hindus, Muslims or Christians, or Malyalees, Maharashtrians, Bengalis. Worse, we think of ourselves as Brahmins, Thakurs, Jats, Yadavas and so on and so forth. And we shed blood to uphold our narrow and selfish denominations. We are imprisoned by the narrow, domestic walls of religion, language, caste, and region, blocking out the clear view of a resurgent nation. Political parties, state governments and social organisations promote policies, programmes and ideologies which divide brother from brother and sister from sister.

Bonds of fraternity and solidarity yield to the onslaughts of meanness of mind and spirit. Is this the India for which Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi sacrificed their lives?We need to change the scenario of rural areas and for that we need to change the lives of farmers, workers. This is the only way out. We need to take the farmers closer to the use of technology, give them advanced equipments, give them newer variety of seeds and teach them new irrigational methods. On the other side we will also make sure that they get the right price of their production. This way we are trying to help out the farmers.Bringing the 73rd Constitutional amendment, he also brought the idea of 'a government of the people, by the people, for the people' into a real shape.(Strongly advocating Panchayati Raj)…After the country got Independent, the constitution promised the resolution of empowering the third strata of society. First and second is functional from Delhi or functional in capital cities which is decently empowered after several elections. These can not be moved now. But because the third strata is still weak, the weakness passes on to the first and second strata too. People at the top strata become paper lions.

This way a complete hollow set up is built and that is what we need to rectify. need to ensure that newest of technology is utilized and used at the rural level. We need to befriend science and technology to jump to higher notches. Distance between concept and implementation needs to be bridged."RAHUL GANDHI : "I have been saying for sometime now that this country started of as one country and every body in this country was poor. Sixty years of work and today we have developed two Indias. One India is the India of opportunity and second India is lacking that opportunity. You can say one India is rich, one India is poor. You can say one India has infrastructure, roads, connectivity and other India does not. You can say one India lives in the cities, the other India doesn't. None of these definitions captures precisely the fact that there are two India. But every one among us knows that there are two Indias. Ensure that it is an India of opportunities for all. Our view is that you need both these Indias to eventually create that One India. The idea is that you take the India with opportunities, you grow that India and you take some of the benefits and you put them into the villages and you engage and involve that India into this first one. That is our view. Out view is that both these Indias have to be merged and that is the idea of Aam Admi.".

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Aims For Achieving Systematic Social Change Through Several Initiatives

The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation will now focus its energies towards achieving systemic and social change through Education. Other programs will continue as Development Support Initiatives. Natural Resource Management is the flagship livelihood promotion programme of the Foundation directly implemented in the remote villages of Rajasthan. The programme is implemented on the principle that because of water scarcity and growing competition large swathes of rural communities are pushed towards impoverishment and could threaten equitable and sustainable development, ecological balance and political stability. The increasing gap between the water availability and demand highlights the need to conserve, utilize and manage this important resource in a sustainable manner.GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGEFoundation started its NRM interventions in the remote areas of the Rajasthan state covering backward villages of Jaipur, Pali and Karoli district.

The project area was selected on the basis of the poor conditions of the natural resources and willingness of the partner community to participate in the programme.The extreme economic backwardness of the region may be attributed in some measure directly to environmental degradation arising from lack of appropriate planning and poor developmental interventions.The natural resources in the region are in poor conditions because the geographic location does not support the abundant rainfall, poor quality and excessive depth of ground water, absence of Perennial River, open scrub forests and huge withdrawal from limited ground water.AREA OF INTERVENTIONSThe major focus of the programme is on augmenting village water resources, for increased availability of water. The core value of the programme is to incorporate strong participation of the community at every stage of implementation. Most of the interventions and project investments are made for improving the livelihood conditions of the partner community and increasing options for food security. In order to ensure sustainability and prolonged existence of the created structures village institutions are formed and capacitated for taking up desired measures.

Livelihood Promotion through rain water harvesting programmeWater harvesting Programme is RGF's only directly implemented initiative under its livelihood promotion portfolio. Livelihood options are generated through creation of water harvesting structures, initiating watershed activities, adopting and inculcating improved agriculture practices.The most pronounced benefit from the water harvesting structures has been in agriculture productivity. Because of water availability in wells and tube wells farmers have therefore been able to provide more irrigation to their crops which has led to increase in productivity, switch to more remunerative crops and increased net area under cultivation.To ensure that the communities have an ongoing stake in the assets being created, it is ensured that a minimum of 33 percent of the total expenditure would be borne by the community for works carried out on common lands whereas for individual and small user groups the contribution has been fixed at 50 percent or more.Also, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation endeavours to create access for the largest number of children to an education that encourages curiosity, independent thinking and open-mindedness, enables each child to live by the values of integrity, equality and humanity and equips each child to realize his/her full potential.